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Making Sense of the Chaos March 26, 2014

You’ve heard it from me. And – if you’re anywhere in the central United States – you’ve been hearing it for months. It’s been a tough winter around here. I’ve done my best to make light of a negative situation, which has been made a lot easier thanks to my mom being home from that place called work for so long. I know it was to take care of baby Carter (not little ole me), but it doesn’t matter.

I’ve loved it. Especially since the weather has kept us all cozy together inside. I know it goes against every canine bone in my body to say this, but it hasn’t been so bad for me. Sure, I miss the warm weather and all things that come with it. I miss walks in the neighborhood, adventures at the dog park and the (rare, but oh so exciting) endeavors beyond city limits. I miss the days when I came first, before this dear little person who I do love so much.Snuggle Bug

But I’ve had my snuggles. I’ve had irreplaceable time with my forever mom. I’ve snuck my way into time with her and baby Carter. And I’ve come to look forward to what happens after mom leaves the door slightly ajar in the morning. That means guests are coming. Guests like Auntie Morgan or mom’s mom, or one (or more!) of mom or dads friends.

It’s a far cry from my former life as sole daytime guardian of the Schmidt abode. There is very little time for myself these days. Less time to drift into the daydream kind of sleep I used to when it was me, myself and I all day long every weekday. Less time to do as I please from my spot in the window. I guess you could say it’s less time to be myself.

But that would be silly. Because I am probably more myself now than ever before. Now I am a companion, not just to my people, but to whomever comes to watch over dear baby Carter. I am a protector of dear baby Carter. And I am myself. Nothing could ever change that.

Not even how awful a winter we’ve had around here. Silly me thinking last winter was rough. This winter has reminded me to slow it down. To remember what really maters. To make sense of the chaos. It’s the only way to live.

Here is the video you’ve heard so much about, featuring my forever family. Note my forever mom picking up dear baby Carter about halfway through, and then her bringing Carter into our kitchen and the end. To me, it brings things full circle. Which is a wonderful place to live.


22 Responses to “Making Sense of the Chaos”

  1. kiwiskan Says:

    spotted your family on the video

  2. huntmode Says:

    Wyles, I caught two out of the three you mention, unless that was your tail we see on a walk?

  3. utesmile Says:

    Lovely to see your family on the video. Love your mum’s beautiful smile, carrying Carter. You can be one proud doggy. You have a great family and you are one great dog. Even with the changes happening, life has new highlights and new surprises. Embrace them and enjoy them. Sending you joy and love!

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  5. Great video, I saw all three :o)

  6. Gah! The video won’t play on Mom’s iPad. We’ll have to look at it later when she fires up the laptop. I felt the same way about our winter, Wiles. It was wicked outside, but cozy in here, and a good excuse to stay home and slow down.

    Love and licks,

  7. pawedblog Says:

    Aww so lovely, we spotted you all. Yep, even you. OK, didn’t actually see ya Wiley but I could feel your love so I knew which was your family in there! So lovely.
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

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