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Give and Take March 28, 2014

It’s been a long time coming. Yet it seemed to pass with the blink of an eye. Today was mom’s last day at that place called work. And I thought she’d be excited. Instead I was met with mixed emotions upon her return home. It wasn’t until later that I understood why.

Get what you giveIt had been a busy day around here, with my grandma and aunt Morgan spending time with baby Carter and I. There was an incident involving a teeny tiny cut that happened when Morgan was cutting Carter’s itsy bitsy nails. He cried. Grandma and Morgan cried. If I could, I would have cried. It was tough on everyone because we all know no one would intentionally hurt our dear little person. Yet he was hurt today.

I thought it was oddly poetic that mom seemed a little hurt too. She invested a tremendous amount of herself in that place, but even more so in the people it included. They became her work family. They came to her with troubles and she never once turned them away. As they took other opportunities in and outside the organization, she celebrated their success. She worked almost as hard to foster relationships as she did at her job itself.

So today, when she left the office for the last time with her box of office keepsakes, she did so with a heavy heart. Because she quite honestly didn’t feel very loved. Her work family let her go with very little fanfare. It was all too soon forgotten how she cared for them in time of need. And as she is taking an opportunity outside the organization, very few peopled celebrated her success.

But that’s the thing about give and take. It doesn’t always turn out like we plan. Just like no one would intentionally hurt dear baby Carter, I believe no one meant to hurt mom today. And I think deep down she knows that too. Or at least she does a pretty good job of pretending.

Because it has indeed been a long time coming. And it has passed in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t matter that mom didn’t take much fanfare home with her today. She gave 110%. That’s what really matters anyway.


12 Responses to “Give and Take”

  1. utesmile Says:

    I understand what you mean. We give so much to work and we are very quickly forgotten and replaced. We probably should see work as just work and not as too much, but I am the same. We shouldn’t get to attached and to emotional about it. Well that is another chapter closed, mum loook forward to the next one, celebrate being more with Carter and the family which is more important than any work. And you are definitlye much loved there and irreplacable. Wishing you a good weekend and a new start in your life!

    • I think you’re right – work is work and shouldn’t be thought of as anything more. That’s why I’ve always called it “that place” called work. Because to me it’s a place. Not a home. Home is where the heart is…it is certainly true around here.
      Lots of love dear friend,

  2. Nikitaland Says:

    I am sorry to hear that your Mommy was hurt today. It saddens me that not everyone who leaves an organization is treated the same. Some people leave and they throw a huge shindig like the Pope himself was there, while others, they do nothing. That does not surprise me in the least. This happens all the time at my sweetie’s work too. They dote on everyone but him, and yes, it bothers him, but it shouldn’t.

  3. I bet if your mom had those years to do over, she’d do everything the same and still be everybody’s go-to person. She did it from the goodness of her heart without expectation of reward. That’s who she is. And now we know – that’s who they are….. Onward and upward to the next new adventure!

    Love and licks,

    • This is true – you’re right. Mom would not have done anything differently if she had the chance. Everything she did was with the best of intentions, and she would never take that back. Thanks for bringing things into focus for us around here, dear Cupcake. I don’t know what I would do without you!

  4. Sandy Says:

    I’m sorry that this happened to your mom and that she felt bad. It is possible that her ex-co-workers were upset or jealous that your mom was leaving for a better opportunity that would make her happier? Nevertheless, they could have reflected back some of the caring that your mom brought to the workplace. I am sorry she was sad, but what matters is the family she comes home to – that’s where the joy is with baby Carter, Dad and you – and your extended family and friends. I know they are happy for your mom’s new opportunity as we all are. Moving forward – go Mom!!

    • Aw…well, dear Sandy, your words all but made up for mom’s disappointment. Truly – they mean a lot. Thank you for being such a good pal to our family.

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