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Go With The Flow April 14, 2014

There was a warmth in the air that found its way to my heart the other day. After what has been one of the historically worst winters ever in Wisconsin, it was 70 degrees. The grass was dried out from months of being blanketed with snow. But the air was warm and all was well with the world.

That was three days ago. Today it is 25 degrees and snowing. It was like night and day. In addition to wreaking havoc on the sinuses of my beloved people, the severe change in temperature is playing games with our hearts around here. Cold and wet

As I fought the urge to stay outside a little longer regardless of the cold, it occurred to me. It’s not really a surprise. It’s part of the reality of living where I live. It’s nothing new. Sure, this winter was exceptionally challenging. But we don’t live in a part of the world where there are hurricanes or tornadoes or earthquakes or tsunamis.

We live in a part of the world with four distinct seasons that bring with them their own sources of joy. From the ground up, that is what I forced myself to remember as I made my way back into the warmth of my forever home. If it wasn’t this it would be something else.

And what is the use complaining about it then? Ultimately it is one of those things we can’t control. And that’s okay.

“Complaining is a dangerous business,” suggests theologian Joyce Meyer. “It can damage or even destroy your relationship with God, your relationship with other people, and even with your relationship with yourself.”

I don’t know about you, but I think I would go crazy if I tried to control everything anyway. Instead I go with the flow and find peace in the renewal of spring. It’s coming. Until then I have the warmth of positivity to keep me warm.


9 Responses to “Go With The Flow”

  1. Nikitaland Says:

    Wiley, we have the exact same weather situation as you, my friend. We had a super nice weekend of temps in the high 60’s, Monday it rained hard all day, and today we are getting snow, up to two inches too! Oh the sinus thing is horrible with the ups and downs of the temps, as I feel for your humans who suffer with this, as so do I. I agree with you on why complain about things that you have no control over, like the weather. Today they will complain about the snow, and in the summer they will complain it is too hot. Things that you cannot control are a waste of time worrying about, it is what it is. Keep warm and pull out your winter sweater because you are not done with it yet! ❤

    • Dear friend,
      I know you are in a similar part of the world to me, so it is nice to hear you share in hope and optimism that this too shall pass. Thank goodness for that. 🙂
      Lots of love,

  2. Maybe Mark Twain was right? In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.

  3. utesmile Says:

    “Until then I have the warmth of positivity to keep me warm.” – the perfect way to look at it. We cannot control everything , and I am very happy about it, yes go with the flow and make every moment positive and count! Sure Spring will come again…..

  4. askfisher Says:

    You are so wonderfully wise, Wiley!

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