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Dust In The Wind April 20, 2014

It could be as silly as a lost toy. Or as heartbreaking as a forever person. There is truth in the philosophy that sometimes it takes the loss of something to recognize its value. But the instigator in me can’t help but challenge this particular truth to a dual. So to you, truth, I stick my wagging tail in the air and dare you to chase me. Dreaming Big

Because it’s there. The elephant in the room. The meaning behind the ideology. The real truth. Appreciate what you have while you have it and you won’t have to worry so much when it’s gone. It’s why I didn’t use to believe in bucket lists. They seemed to morbid, too sad and too real all at the same time. But that’s because I had it all wrong. A bucket list shouldn’t be something you put together only when you get horrible news. It shouldn’t be squeezed into the last few precious days, months, or years of life. No. A bucket list should be lived.

I turn six people years old next month. That’s approximately 42 in people years. I’m no spring chicken anymore, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be young at heart. Just as it’s never too late to dream big, I realized today that there is nothing morbid about a bucket list if it’s put together for the right reasons. So today I put mine out there, in writing, for the world to see. Not because I’m dying, but because I’m living. The future starts now.

A Bucket List – Wiley C. Schmidt

1) Publish a book

2) Eat a hot dog (with ketchup and a bun)

3) Meet a celebrity advocate for animals (maybe Ellen? Or Ian Somerhalder?)

4) Go on a blind date

5) Run a marathon with mom

6) Meet and properly train my doggie replacement in the Schmidt family

7) See a movie at the theater

8) Attend a sporting event

9) Travel to Tennessee (I hear it’s beautiful there)

10) Have a steak dinner with my people

11) Watch the sunset over Lake Michigan

12) Master a trademark trick

13) Become a best friend to a little person

14) Swim in a lake

15) Ride in a fire truck


12 Responses to “Dust In The Wind”

  1. kiwiskan Says:

    and sometimes it takes the loss of something to recognise that it has no value. After our house fire I realised that all our possessions were not worth as much as friends – and our dog. Our current stafford at that time was blind, and he was the first thing I rescued…

  2. huntmode Says:

    Wyles, as always, dear dog, you make my heart sing. Thank you.

  3. Sandy Says:

    Hey Wiley, I think you are going to do pretty well on your bucket list. Thanks as always for reminding us about what is important.

  4. utesmile Says:

    Nice bucket list. I got one too as I don;t want to wait as you say, but live now and do things now. I am happy to say that I already ticked some off, and they were well worth it!
    Live now, enjoy and do as much as you can on your list!

  5. Lyn Says:

    I hope you fulfil your bucket list completely and quickly — with the exception of #6. I hope that one is hundreds of years away xx

  6. What a great list, Wiley! There’s a program called Bark in the Park that allows dogs at Major League Baseball games. Our blog friends, Will and Eko went and it looked like SO MUCH FUN. You’ve got plenty of time to live your list. I’d get the hot dog checked off TODAY if I were you….

    Love and licks,

  7. fredrieka Says:

    happy face

  8. MissFourEyes Says:

    I love #13. And I want to do #15 too!

  9. that’s a great bucket list, I wish I could ride in a fire truck with you!

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