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I Call It Magic May 31, 2014

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An hour and a half. That is how long my dear forever mom spent ironing things this afternoon. They are this mammoth things she calls table cloths, and I know what their presence around here signifies. Excitement. From the ground up, there was a sense of enthusiasm for something that’s happening soon today.
Sunshine, in a Smile
I can only assume something special is happening tomorrow, since my beloved forever people spent the majority of their Saturday cleaning and cooking and there is this pork roast in the oven right now that is making my little doggie mouth water like nobody’s business. It’s a good thing I reminded mom to get those roasts in the oven, because they need to cook low and slow and it’s already almost 10 p.m. But what do I know?

Anyway, all of this leads me to believe something is definitely up. But the best and worst thing about this is one in the same. I don’t know what’s happening tomorrow. I know something special must be going on, but I have no idea what it is. Which is kind of funny because I know people deal with surprise differently.

My mom loves a good surprise every now and then. She turns to emotional mush when dad plans something for the two of them to do she wasn’t expecting. It doesn’t matter if it seems silly – it’s the thought and planning behind it that matters.

My dad on the other hand could probably take or leave surprise. He prefers to know what’s coming, to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel before reaching it. He’s not the reading type, but if he was I would imagine him to be the type who skips to the end of the book to see what’s coming. Then I know he would enjoy the rest of the book a little more because he knew in advance what was going to happen.

Anticipation drives me kind of crazy, so I side with dad on this one. And tomorrow is no different. I have absolutely no idea why mom spent so much time ironing table cloths this afternoon. Or why there are 12 pounds of pork roasting in the house right now. Or why my people went on a mission to find baby Carter something perfect to wear tomorrow.

All I know is I’m excited. And for right now that’s enough.


Hide and Seek No More

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Dreams are weird sometimes. But the lessons they bear are always pretty important.

Wiley's Wisdom

Everything around me was gray. I was standing on a platform that appeared to be floating and not connected in anyway to the walls around me. It was flying down and I was struggling to keep my balance. “Newbie,” I heard someone mumble nearby. I didn’t look around because that would have made me lose my focus. Instead I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and…

my first thought upon waking this morning was I was happy to be alive. Shortly after that, my senses returned and I realized I was really hungry and really had to go outside. But when I opened my eyes and saw I wasn’t on that platform surrounded in gray plunging to what seemed like inevitable death, I knew I’d made it. I was blessed with another day filled with naps, treats, playtime and love. How lucky I am.

I know it isn’t…

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Always In My Head May 30, 2014

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It probably sounds silly. Or crazy. Either way, I’m not shy about it because it’s true. My pal and I

You are always in my head. You, my beloved blogosphere reader of the abyss. I know you’re out there, in your various canine and people forms, and I love you so very much. Frequently I hear from you via the blog world and I’m not going to lie. Every single comment makes my day. Dear Cupcake and Ute and Lyn and Brother (you know who you are). And Huntie, though you’ve been busy lately, I know your love through your words on Facebook.

All of this is so important because it reminds me why I do what I do. I am what I always wanted to be when I grew up. It reminds me to search for positive meaning in every single day, which is a mission I can’t say I dislike.

Lately comments have slowed in frequency, which I know is because my reactions to them have been slower than they used to be. It saddens me more than anyone can possibly know if I’m losing people (or their four-legged buddies) because of my slow response times. Because, I need all to know, you can never say it enough. I love you. I appreciate you. And (in an effort that might be challenging for me) I appreciate your love for me.

Though I aim to share nothing but joy, I know sometimes my words inspire tears from my dear forever mom, so I apologize if that has ever happened to you. Because, after all, you are my friend and I have absolutely no intention of hurting you in any emotional way.

“A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same,” suggested American author and philosopher Elbert Hubbard.

So I know it might sound silly. Or crazy. But I’m not shy about it because I know it’s true. And therefore I thought it necessary to say. You are always in my head. But more importantly you are always in my heart. You are part of the reason for who I am today. For that I will be forever grateful.



Singing in the Rainbows

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I love rainbows and all they signify.

Wiley's Wisdom

Singing in the RainbowsTwenty. That is the magic number of beliefs Darren Hayes of Savage Garden rattles off in “Affirmation.” I can’t say I agree with all twenty thoughts, but I know what is true to me. “I don’t believe. I know,” as analytical psychologist Carl Jung said.

Why is it then that some days it isn’t easy to know or believe? You know the ones. Those “one of those days” kind of days, when literally everything that can go wrong actually does. I remember one particularly awful day in the house I lived in before my forever family found me. It was spring, and there was a really big storm that clambered on all night. Sharing that home with three other dogs and two cats made me realize how well I do in thunderstorms compared to other dogs. Burt, the seven-year-old black lab mix, howled all night long.

The alarm didn’t…

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Look Up To The Sky May 29, 2014

It was a beautiful day around here. The perfect 70 degree sunny day without a cloud in the sky. I spent some time in my backyard paradise this afternoon soaking up the sun and thinking. This, I was reminded today, is one of my very most favorite ways to spend an afternoon. Especially when mom and baby Carter are around to keep me company. So there I was, finding myself drifting into a deep and happy sleep. It was one of those moments in life where you feel nothing but joy.

Treasure HuntingThen it happened. My dream became a nightmare as I saw my worst fears realized. The man with the leather belt somehow found me. Jo was not with him, which was somehow bothersome and happy at the same time. (I know in my heart she is happy and fulfilled and away from him somewhere). He found me, though. And dear baby Carter. It was just the two of us (for some crazy reason) and we were happy as could be until he came along. Fortunately mom woke me up (as she has a habit of doing when I’m barking or whining in my sleep) and I didn’t need to witness what happened next.

It made me afraid to nap the rest of the day, that’s for sure. But as time went on, so did life. From the ground up, I found joy in everything around me this afternoon. It was nothing out of the ordinary around here – Carter is still deeply attached to his eat, wake, sleep routines. That all happened as usual. And as it did I found myself finding peace in these moments. Finding joy in these moments. Embracing life in these moments.

As this happened I knew why I had that terrible nightmare. It was a beautiful day around here. It was one of those days that makes you thankful to be alive in the first place. But I’ve said before I think God throws us on our backs sometimes to force us to look up. Well, today I looked up at the beautiful sky and was reminded yet again of that poem “Footprints in the Sand.” In my case it’s paw prints, but that’s no matter. The message is the same. Sometimes we don’t know we are being carried through something until it’s already happened. Sometimes it’s not until we look back that we see how far we’ve come.






On Being Happy: Real Life Reverence

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So much more than a number.

Wiley's Wisdom

My mom came across something kind of special today. It is one of those priceless treasures that might seem worthless to the wrong person. I know this because she was devastated about a month ago when she couldn’t find it. So you can imagine her excitement when she found it at work today. And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t pretty excited myself, since it probably wouldn’t be priceless if not for its value to both of us.

Animal ID: 10451105
Species: Dog
Breed: Terrier Mix
Age: 2 years 3 months
Sex: Male
Size: Small
Color: Tan
Intake date: 7/31/2010

Hi, my name is Wiley! I am a terrier mix and like all terrier breeds, I have a ton of energy! I am a sweet boy that is interested in everything! I am really good at sit but would love to learn more with your help! I…

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Those Little Moments May 28, 2014

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It was one of those moments you try to take a snapshot of in your heart. Or your head. Or both. If I’m being totally honest, I was just kind of happy to witness it first hand. Or first paw. Happy memories

Dad was out running errands last night during what is usually family time. It didn’t bother mom, who rushed around the house to make sure everything was set for dear baby Carter’s bed time while feeding him and cleaning up the dishes and doing the laundry. This thing that people can do with multi-tasking continues to amaze me on a daily basis. But that is (by far) not the most amazing thing that happened yesterday.

Mom was feeding Carter when it happened. Dad got home from running errands and his words paused time. “You make me so happy,” he said to Carter. Or mom. Or both. It certainly didn’t matter who he meant to address. What mattered was the feelings behind the words he said. They made mom cry. They would have made Carter cry if he understood. As for me, I was doing as us canines do – standing by looking all strong while we are all-the-while breaking into little bitty emotional pieces inside.

But none of these pieces are the bad kind. They are all so very good.

Because I know this was one of those moment you try to take a snapshot of in your heart. Or your head. Or both. I’m not sure it matters where the moment is stored, as long as it is. That is why I chose to share it with you, my blogosphere family, because it is special to me. It’s one of those things you can’t un=see, but wish you could store in your heart forever.

This is one of those rare instances where I will disagree with a philosophical mastermind. “Take care of all your memories,” suggested American musician Bob Dylan, ” for you cannot relive them.”

To that I say, these little moments are the moments we live that bring life to each day.


Bring Me That Horizon

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I love the uncertainty of life because I know and trust those that make it certain.

Wiley's Wisdom

There are a lot of things in a dog’s life that are uncertain. What we eat, when we eat it, when we go to the bathroom, and when we go for walks are circumstances mostly controlled by our people. We are at the mercy of our people for so many things that I’ve come to see my people as my constants in life. They are everything to me. And, as it is my life’s mission to bring optimism to life, I find there is wisdom in uncertainty.

I’m convinced this is a lesson lost on the birds in my backyard. I heard them talking incessantly to each other this morning in the tree outside my bedroom window. They were arguing about the weather, which is expected to fluctuate in extremes again from sunny and warm today to snowy and frigid tomorrow. In my experience the only way to silence them…

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Say Something May 27, 2014

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I don’t know why she does this. It’s like the antidote to joy. But every now and then my dear forever mom hears a song and it makes her cry. It happened again today.

Snuggles with my little buddyThere’s this song that is so very sad I didn’t think I could find the silver lining in this moment. (And that’s coming from me, your resident doggie optimist.) The music video is even worse. I looked it up to see if I could find something (anything) happy to say about this hopelessly sad song and the video featured a variety of stories of people giving up. On love. Real or otherwise, for a parent or a lover, these people were truly giving up.

If dogs could cry, I think I may have been bawling. There was a little girl who hid under the bed with her doggie while her parents argued. There was a couple who fell out of love. And there was an elderly couple who were together literally until death did them part. It was so so so sad.

As was mom’s connection to it. Today she recalled a moment I wasn’t around to witness, but have heard about a couple of times since. Mom and dad were on their way home from the hospital with baby Carter the very first time when it happened. The song came on the radio. And mom started crying the tears I wish I could cry every time I hear this depressing anthem. But hers were not tears of sadness. They were tears of joy.

She has been through some tough times in life. She was let go from a job she loved. Two weeks later, her dad went to heaven suddenly before she had a chance to do so much as say goodbye. This happened when she was 23 years old. And she didn’t deal well with the losses, regardless of having a strong foundation of support around her. She turned to all kinds of things she regrets to this day.

Her family stood by her, and for this she is thankful. But so did my forever dad. He didn’t give up on her, even when she should have been given up on. This is why mom cried that day, as they drove home with dear baby Carter. Because he didn’t give up on her. Because, more than ever before, they are a family now. Because they brought love into this world. And, with it, they brought life.

I don’t care what anyone says. That is a happy memory.


Hands: Heads or Tails?

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People hands. I used to fear them. This is truth no longer.

Wiley's Wisdom

Mr. Prickles slipped his little hedgehog self under the couch again today. Darned slippery hardwood floors. No matter how hard I try, I always struggle trying to dig my little pals out from under there. And it is almost always to no avail. Inevitably I end up pestering mom or dad to use their long arms to dig out whatever misfit toy I’ve lost that day.

It’s an almost daily occurrence in the Schmidt house, so I generally don’t think anything of it. Today was different. Today my mom also grabbed out a little silver nickel stamped with the year 2010 on it. As I watched her fingers wrap around the token, I found myself pondering where I was at this time in 2010.

I closed my eyes and it happened. It’s like I was there again.

I saw him, the man who made me fear leather belts. The…

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