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Like A Heartbeat May 17, 2014

I think there is a distinct difference between a habit and repetition. At least from what I observe in human behavior. From what I can tell, a habit occurs mindlessly, like when I scratch that same spot by my collar on my neck seventeen times a day. This is different from when I spin in circles trying to find the absolute perfect spot on the bed or the couch or the floor or my dog bed. It is different from repetition, which (at least in my humble doggie opinion) occurs as the result of a conscious effort of some sort. Writer's Block?

I got to thinking about this today as my people worked in the yard. It’s the same work they always do this time of year, with the flowers and the hanging baskets and the mulch and the bird seed. It’s all too familiar, being the third time I’ve witnessed it all. It seems like a lot of work to me from my given spot of relaxation at the moment. Yet it seems to bring them joy and happiness. So my heart sings, no matter how tired it gets watching them work so tirelessly.

It made me think a little about this struggle I’m having with the blog. I’ve been at a crossroads lately trying to figure out whether my doggie opinion on things is still relevant and interesting. It certainly is in my humble mind. But it’s hard to tell sometimes.

I guess this is true for anyone at some point in life. Anyone can start to question why they are doing something – is it a habit or mindful repetition? And is either one so bad? This is a living part of my struggle as I was starting to worry I was repeating myself. But today, as I watched my beloved forever people plant the same flowers in the same place they have for the last three summers, I realized something.

A little repetition isn’t so bad. It keeps us steady. It reminds us where we came from and where we’re going. It’s like a heartbeat that keeps life’s beat in order. “Every heart that has beat strongly and cheerfully has left a hopeful impulse behind it in the world, and bettered the tradition of mankind,” said Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson. That is the least I could possibly hope for on this journey of blogging. So I chose to beat on. Not out of habit, but through embracing the repetition that makes life real.


5 Responses to “Like A Heartbeat”

  1. Lyn Says:

    Turning in circles to find the perfect spot on the bed or couch makes perfect sense to me – besides, it keeps bad dreams away 😉 There are good habits and bad habits and there are some habits that are neither. I have a habit – some people think I’m weird, but I eat my vegetables first, then my meat/chicken/fish etc, but leave my potatoes – be they mashed, jacketed or roasted till last. Doesn’t matter where I am – home, at friends, or at a restaurant. I particularly love mashed potato…it’s the ultimate comfort food 🙂

  2. kiwiskan Says:

    A lot of the blogs I enjoy tend to focus on mainly one thing – but from different perspectives – and it’s all fun

  3. utesmile Says:

    Woohoo, sending you much love for your wise decision!

  4. That’s the spirit, Wiles. I never looked at the difference between habit and repetition. You nailed it. I kind of like them both, whether mindless or pointed. They do keep us steady and grounded. That’s where I like to be.

    Love and licks,

  5. That’s true Wiley, so when we speak about our garden in some years we can see those flower on their traditional place with our minds eye … that’s like having your own movie in your head :o)

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