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Say Something May 27, 2014

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I don’t know why she does this. It’s like the antidote to joy. But every now and then my dear forever mom hears a song and it makes her cry. It happened again today.

Snuggles with my little buddyThere’s this song that is so very sad I didn’t think I could find the silver lining in this moment. (And that’s coming from me, your resident doggie optimist.) The music video is even worse. I looked it up to see if I could find something (anything) happy to say about this hopelessly sad song and the video featured a variety of stories of people giving up. On love. Real or otherwise, for a parent or a lover, these people were truly giving up.

If dogs could cry, I think I may have been bawling. There was a little girl who hid under the bed with her doggie while her parents argued. There was a couple who fell out of love. And there was an elderly couple who were together literally until death did them part. It was so so so sad.

As was mom’s connection to it. Today she recalled a moment I wasn’t around to witness, but have heard about a couple of times since. Mom and dad were on their way home from the hospital with baby Carter the very first time when it happened. The song came on the radio. And mom started crying the tears I wish I could cry every time I hear this depressing anthem. But hers were not tears of sadness. They were tears of joy.

She has been through some tough times in life. She was let go from a job she loved. Two weeks later, her dad went to heaven suddenly before she had a chance to do so much as say goodbye. This happened when she was 23 years old. And she didn’t deal well with the losses, regardless of having a strong foundation of support around her. She turned to all kinds of things she regrets to this day.

Her family stood by her, and for this she is thankful. But so did my forever dad. He didn’t give up on her, even when she should have been given up on. This is why mom cried that day, as they drove home with dear baby Carter. Because he didn’t give up on her. Because, more than ever before, they are a family now. Because they brought love into this world. And, with it, they brought life.

I don’t care what anyone says. That is a happy memory.


7 Responses to “Say Something”

  1. Lyn Says:

    I think I know that song Wiles. There is another one too, that just breaks me up, it’s called “He was walking her home.” Oh my, every time it comes on the radio, I’m reduced to a blubbering mess. That is a gorgeous photo of you and baby Carter, just gorgeous!

  2. That is a sad song, for sure. Mom has it on her phone. I am so happy that your dad didn’t give up on your mom. That sad song aside, they have a bright future. And FYI – that may be the cutest picture ever of you and Carter.

    Love and licks,

  3. Buddy Says:

    I know how you feel. My mom went through a very hard time and her loved ones stuck by her. It makes me love them all the more. My mom and I are glad you made it through.

  4. I’m so pleased that for your mum this song brings on happy tears. Unfortunately this song is bang on the mark for where I am at the moment, and used to have me singing along, in tears almost pleading with the ex that he would give me a sign……. He didn’t so now I move on!

  5. Sandy Says:

    Just keep moving forward – that’s all a person or dog can do. Look at all the great things and the great family you all have Wiley. Definitely calls for happy tears.

  6. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    This falls out of order with the normal reblog, but I felt it appropriate to share again today. Don’t ever give up on love.

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