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Always In My Head May 30, 2014

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It probably sounds silly. Or crazy. Either way, I’m not shy about it because it’s true. My pal and I

You are always in my head. You, my beloved blogosphere reader of the abyss. I know you’re out there, in your various canine and people forms, and I love you so very much. Frequently I hear from you via the blog world and I’m not going to lie. Every single comment makes my day. Dear Cupcake and Ute and Lyn and Brother (you know who you are). And Huntie, though you’ve been busy lately, I know your love through your words on Facebook.

All of this is so important because it reminds me why I do what I do. I am whatย I always wanted to be when I grew up. It reminds me to search for positive meaning in every single day, which is a mission I can’t say I dislike.

Lately comments have slowed in frequency, which I know is because my reactions to them have been slower than they used to be. It saddens me more than anyone can possibly know if I’m losing people (or their four-legged buddies) because of my slow response times. Because, I need all to know, you can never say it enough. I love you. I appreciate you. And (in an effort that might be challenging for me) I appreciate your love for me.

Though I aim to share nothing but joy, I know sometimes my words inspire tears from my dear forever mom, so I apologize if that has ever happened to you. Because, after all, you are my friend and I have absolutely no intention of hurting you in any emotional way.

“A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same,” suggested American author and philosopher Elbert Hubbard.

So I know it might sound silly. Or crazy. But I’m not shy about it because I know it’s true. And therefore I thought it necessary to say. You are always in my head. But more importantly you are always in my heart. You are part of the reason for who I am today. For that I will be forever grateful.



19 Responses to “Always In My Head”

  1. Lyn Says:

    Slow comments because you are slow to comment? No, No, dear friend. You reply when you can. You have greater responsibilities than responding to us. You are a big brother; you are a loyal companion and friend to your forever family. Nothing is more important than that. Yes, we are your WordPress family, but your Forever Family takes precedence. We’ll always be here for you when you need us. You too, are loved. As for bringing tears to our eyes, well, St Paul the apostle tells us to “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.” It’s all part of being friends ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • huntmode Says:

      Lyn, what a great comment! Had to tell you. You’ve said exactly what was in my heart and struggling to come out of my fingers!

    • Oh goodness, dear Lyn! I love that quote about rejoicing and weeping. These are both real and true things that happen from time to time, and the best part is having someone there regardless of which is happening. Thanks for always being there for us around Wiley’s Wisdom. We do love hearing from you!
      Lots of love,

  2. utesmile Says:

    Wiles, this brings tears to my eyes because I know you are genuinely saying this from your beautiful heart. I have grown to love you and your family very much and I appreciate you being always so very honest about your and your family’s feelings. No need to apologise for that, it is only natural that sometimes we get emotional and teary and that is ok. I wished I could hug you all, your mum, your dad, Carter and you can jump up on me and I can catch you and cuddle you, I would just cry again for joy… (I am a bit like your mum) The joy you bring with you is contagious and I love it. I do know how it is when the hours are not enough in the day to finish everything you like to do, I have slowed down too…. ( I only manage to post once a week now) there are always so many things to do. Still I know you read our comments and I appreciate this post very much. Sending lots of love and a high paw for my best dog buddy!

    • Really? I’m your best dog buddy!? Well, I’m honored, friend. Thank you for being you, and for sharing who you are with my family and I. We love and appreciate you very much around here! There are indeed always things to do, but sometimes I think that might be the most important time to pause and give thanks for everything happening around us.
      Lots of love to you,

  3. You are always in my head (and in my heart!). I sometimes need no words, because I agree with you :o) And sometimes I see things or something happens and I know: aww that’s what Wiley once happened too, or that what Whiley meant once :o)

    • Hi brother,
      So glad we’re on the same page. This is nothing new for us, obviously, as we share so many perspectives in life. That’s what brothers do after all!
      Lots of love,

  4. Awwww… Thanks, W. You’re in my head, too – and that’s pretty special because Mom says there’s not much in there most of the time…. You set out to bring joy from the ground up, and that’s exactly what you do! xoxo

    Love and licks,

    • Oh goodness! Your mom sounds so silly sometimes! From what I gather, there is a lot of good stuff going on in that mind of hers. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for your kind words, dear Cupcake.
      Lots of love to you (and mom of course!),

  5. This is really sweet, Wiley, and almost brought tears to my eyes! We all comment when we can. I have found that comments have slowed down all around, on my blog and on others I follow. I think “time” is the culprit and I don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t comment. Of course, if they do, that’s awesome. Like you said, it’s always great to get feedback, but if they don’t have time or don’t want to, that’s fine, too. I’m just grateful for those who do visit me, just like you. I love “you’re always in my head and heart.” Beautiful words from cute you, Wiley! Thank you and I hope you’re having some fun this weekend!

    • Aw, well your words brought warmth to my heart and peace to my mind. It’s true – time is the culprit for so many terrible things. There is never enough time in a day, especially when you’ve got four paws and most of your day therefore involves napping. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hear what you say and appreciate you so very much!!!
      Lots of love,

  6. huntmode Says:

    Wiley, my bud, my friend, a part of my heart, it is I who have been missing being here. Today was the day for me to come by and just look what I found! A note from Wyles mentioning me! Clearly, I’ve been out of it because my first thought on seeing the photo was “WHO is that?” re the foxy creature next to you. A visitor? A girlfriend?, a pal? I have dearly loved our private conversations on FB, but I’m just realizing how thirsty I’ve been for some From the Ground Up loving by Wyles! Love you, dawg! Huntie

    • Hi friend!
      I’m not going to lie – you’ve certainly been missed around here! Though I do know and understand the reasons for your absence, it is soooo very good to have you back! And, in response to your question about my new friend, that is dear Joey – my aunt Morgan’s new Pomeranian. She rescued him a couple of weeks ago and he is absolutely the perfect fit for her, as well as for our little family. He’s only one, so he and I have our share of disagreements about how much playtime is necessary in a day, but I love him like a brother already!
      Love you too, Huntie!

  7. Sandy Says:

    Ah, if we only had time to do everything we wanted to…I agree with Lyn above that your family takes precedence and writing posts already takes alot of time. I did comment awhile back with some thoughts on maybe blogging less as your free time allows. Even still, I do like reading your posts and knowing that all is well with you, Carter, Mom, and Dad. take care.

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