Wiley's Wisdom

Joy: From the Ground Up

A Poem From the Ground Up June 17, 2014


I thought I knew what it

looked like


I had no idea


I’m convinced of this one thing

that from the ground up

it always looks different

It did for me


Existed when I was with my birth mom and brothers

I loved them and

I knew joy then

albeit brief


Prevailed when I was with Jo and the man

with the leather belt

I loved Jo

and I chose joy


Survived when I was on my own

on the streets

Even then

I had friends


Happened when I met my forever mom and dad

for the first time

I knew joy then



Lived when I met my little person

so teeny tiny

I knew real joy

in that moment


I thought I knew what it

looked like


I had no idea because


From the ground up

it’s pretty special

to me

because it is one of those things


It always looks different

to everyone yet

it looks

the same

to me

I dedicate the above poem to my mom, a published poet at the tender age of 15 people years old, who helped me piece together my thoughts in response to today’s daily prompt.Happy Blogging!


4 Responses to “A Poem From the Ground Up”

  1. That poem says it all, Wiley. Joy just keeps on keeping on, in all its forms. It’s in you and it overflows from you.

    Love and licks,

  2. utesmile Says:

    It is wonderful Wiley, Joy from the ground up! Love it and you! Ute ♥

  3. It was pure joy to read your poem Wiley…. joy is great and a thingy what grows bigger when you share it :o) (that’s not even possible with treats lol)

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