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Joy: From the Ground Up

A Hopeful Impulse June 25, 2014

For me, it’s the grill. Not only does it create some of the most delicious smells ever known to man, but I’ve observed something else about the grill. Thank YOU

Around here, a grill is a social status symbol. Around here, a grill brings more than perfectly smokey sausages, burgers, and chicken breasts. Around here, a grill means joy. From the ground up, I’ve become somewhat of an expert on the matter in recent years and I know it to be truth. Because where there is a grill, there is happiness.

It happens with my people more this time of year than any other. They spend time together outside enjoying all things beautiful and bam! The next thing you know, there is a host of delicious food. Not that food equals happiness. That is not the case by any means.

But that’s okay because it’s not about the food.

“Every heart that has beat strongly and cheerfully has left a hopeful impulse behind it in the world,” suggested Scottish poet Robert Louis Stevenson, “and bettered the tradition of mankind.”

I can hardly change the world with simply my observation of human interaction. So I know my observations about the people and the grill will not be changing anything for the better. But I do know what I learn from such things can help make the world a better place.

Because for me, it’s the grill. It probably sounds ridiculous to some people, but to me it makes perfect sense. It creates the most delicious smells that I see as evidence of hearts beating strongly. It frequently involves impulse as it pertains to what exactly gets grilled in the first place.

But ultimately none of that matters. Because whether it’s just my people, or them and some of their friends, I know this thing called grilling brings joy to the table. This thing called grilling makes hearts beat strongly, with or without the hopeful impulse.

And that, like Stevenson said, betters the tradition of mankind.


10 Responses to “A Hopeful Impulse”

  1. Lyn Says:

    Maybe if the world threw a big block party on the same day, we’d get to know each other better and share different types of grills, maybe, just maybe there’d be less conflict. But sadly, fights would probably break out over something silly like someone likes tomato sauce and someone likes BBQ sauce. Still, we can dream can’t we Wiles.

    • Aw. What a brilliant idea. I wonder what would happen if we did such a thing on our little level…? With folks like you and Ute, and Huntie, and dear brother, who continue to stop by daily. Many of us are indeed scattered throughout the world, but that doesn’t keep us from being close. Thanks for the idea, friend! Perhaps we can bring it to fruition sometime in the near future!
      Lots of love,

  2. utesmile Says:

    I can smell it here….. yummy! 🙂

  3. You’re right, W. Grills do bring yummy smells, and I also notice people gathering where the grill sits. Grills are like joy-magnets! It’s a great place for a nibble and a cuddle.

    Love and licks,

    • Oh my goodness. It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last. Dear Cupcake, you took the words right out of my little doggie mouth. Grills are indeed like joy magnets. Well said, as always!
      Lots of love,

  4. I think the grill is a sign for summer… if this smell is in the air you can be sure that the summer is really there :o)

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