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It Happens to the Best of Us July 19, 2014

It doesn’t happen often, but I’m man (er, I mean dog) enough to admit it when it does. Sometimes I’m wrong. There, I said it. And while I’m not entirely sure whether I’m wrong about this, I realized today that I could be. Giggles

I’ve never much cared for the phrase “what if.” What if I had more money? What if I could change the world? What if I had never found my forever people? To me, these two words pay homage to something for which I’ve never much cared. There is a negative, almost cynical tone to these questions that I can’t say I appreciate. It seems contradictory to my desire to live in the now and cherish the presence of presence.

But the more I watch dear baby Carter and his efforts to explore and understand the world around him, I realize I could be wrong. Today I observed as some of my favorite little people played and laughed and smiled together. Dear Sophie and Abigail and Sam all wrestling around with little Carter as he starts to figure out how to crawl. It was just as I had always hoped it would be.

In those moments, just after he froggie hopped his way across the room from Abby to Sophie and back again, I was reminded of everything he has in front of him. His life is literally full of “what ifs” right now. And there is nothing wrong with that. Not only that, but there’s something exciting, invigorating even, about it.

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible,” suggested Italian Catholic preacher Saint Francis of Assisi.

So I guess I might have been wrong about my perspective on this phrase all these years. Because ultimately that’s what it comes down to yet again. Perspective. From the ground up, it has a way of changing the glass from being half empty to being half full. It has a way of making us see what’s possible within the impossible.


5 Responses to “It Happens to the Best of Us”

  1. It’s great to have some positive “what if’s”… without them we would miss a very important part of our life: our dreams :o)

  2. utesmile Says:

    the quote is just what I needed to hear today..Thank you as always you cheer up my day ! Big hugs to you Wiles and Carter!

  3. “What if” can go either way. You’re smart to remember the glass half full idea, Wiles. Because what if Carter grows up to be president? What if his life is filled with nothing but happiness and success? What if he discovers a cure for cancer? What if it all goes right?

    Love and licks,

  4. Lyn Says:

    I’m all in favour of the “glass half-full” mindset; you live a much happier life that way. If I could hand out a knighthood, I would dub thee, “Sir Wiley the Wise.” 😀

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