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Say Something August 27, 2014

Filed under: Man's Best Friend — Wiley Schmidt @ 8:08 pm

This falls out of order with the normal reblog, but I felt it appropriate to share again today. Don’t ever give up on love.

Wiley's Wisdom

I don’t know why she does this. It’s like the antidote to joy. But every now and then my dear forever mom hears a song and it makes her cry. It happened again today.

Snuggles with my little buddyThere’s this song that is so very sad I didn’t think I could find the silver lining in this moment. (And that’s coming from me, your resident doggie optimist.) The music video is even worse. I looked it up to see if I could find something (anything) happy to say about this hopelessly sad song and the video featured a variety of stories of people giving up. On love. Real or otherwise, for a parent or a lover, these people were truly giving up.

If dogs could cry, I think I may have been bawling. There was a little girl who hid under the bed with her doggie while her parents argued. There was a couple…

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