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Within and Without September 8, 2014

Four months. That is how long it has been since it last happened. That’s about half of how long dear baby Carter has been around, a fact that has not been lost on my forever mom. Feeling thoughtful

Carter’s increased mobility has had a directly inverse relationship with his desire to snuggle with her. I’ve picked up what I can of the slack, but I can tell mom has been beside herself about this since the first time he didn’t want her to rock him to sleep at night.

All that changed today. Probably not for good, as I know Carter is loving every minute of the independence he has discovered now that he’s crawling all over the place. But that didn’t matter in these precious moments. Nor did it matter that they were preceded by almost 45 minutes of tearful and woeful crying (the kind that is capable of making a person’s heart hurt).

Because in those moments, with big ole 8-month-old Carter asleep on her lap, all was well in her world. For the first time in four months, he was sincerely and visibly calmed by her holding him close just like she did all the time all those months ago.

“When you take your attention into the present moment, a certain alertness arises,” suggested “Power of Now” author Eckhart Tolle. “You become more conscious of what’s around you, but also, strangely, a sense of presence that is both within and without.”

Mom was within and without today. And I don’t know when it will happen again, but that doesn’t matter. Because it happened today. And since we’ve all embraced the present of presence around here, that is all that really matters.


7 Responses to “Within and Without”

  1. We love The Power of Now! Your mom is smart to enjoy it when it happens each and every time. And in the meantime, there’s you!

    Love and licks,

  2. Whiley that’s writte so wonderful, I really can see baby Carter and you and your mom. Let’s enjoy every moment :o)

  3. Lyn Says:

    Tell you Mom not to fret too much Wiles, because Carter is going to want lots of cuddles and kisses from Mommy in the future. Every time he bumps his head, falls over, has a bad dream or any number of a thousand things that makes a little guy sad he’ll want Mommy. And although we would want to shelter him from any and all sorts of hurts, the truth is we can’t, and that’s when cuddles do their best work 😉

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