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Enjoy the Ride September 21, 2014

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I had a crazy thought today. It’s one of those things I think everyone comes across once, twice, or maybe countless times in life. But I’m not sure it happens that frequently in a dog’s life. So when it happened to me today, it took me by surprise. Time. From the ground up, the passing of time really is something you need to be a dog to understand. And today I realized how quickly time flies when there is a little person around.

I know it’s hardly a novel concept, but that doesn’t mean it was any less strange to me to come across. There was a moment today when I honest-to-goodness could not believe my dear little baby Carter has been in my life almost 9 months. It feels like yesterday when I first sniffed his tiny little self in his baby carrier when my forever people first brought him home. So it absolutely floored me when something pretty special happened in the Schmidt home this morning. The Boys

It started like most Sunday mornings do, as my parents have a tradition of spending time with Carter in the bedroom after he wakes from his first early morning nap. Carter started mumbling in his room a tad earlier than usual and mom rushed off to grab him for family snuggle time. This was all nothing out of the ordinary. That’s when it happened.

“Dada,” Carter said at first glace at his dad this morning. He looked him straight in the face and said what I think might be his first intentional and legitimate word. Sure, we’ve all sworn he’s been saying “hi” on purpose since he was a couple of months old. And yes, he immediately resumed his more normal baby babble upon completion of his (albeit epic) greeting.

But the ruling on the family field is we have a talker. And nine months ago he wasn’t even in our world yet. So I know I say it all of the time, but really is something to be said in cherishing every moment. I think I take it for granted sometimes since I already live with the understanding that a dog’s life is much too short. There is no time to waste.

Because I sometimes think of life like a roller coaster that coasts through certain parts and speeds through others. Time. From the ground up, it is a pretty precious commodity. It seems I’ve found yet another reason to hang on and enjoy the ride.


3 Responses to “Enjoy the Ride”

  1. utesmile Says:

    How fantastic, Smiles all round in your house…. 🙂 … watch out there will be more coming!

  2. A talker! Yay! That’s so much better than a tail-puller and a fur-ripper. Soon it will be MaMa and then…. DOGGIE! So fun!

    Love and licks,

  3. Lyn Says:

    How absolutely wonderful, Wiles! Your dad must have been over the moon when Carter said, “Dada” 🙂 This truly is an exciting and momentous occasion.

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