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Doorway To Heaven September 27, 2014

Filed under: Man's Best Friend — Wiley Schmidt @ 10:09 pm

Sometimes it is that simple. It’s something that might seem complicated, but really it’s not. That is today in my life, as I think and pray for a dear friend of mine. Sleeeeeeep

While in my mind there is absolutely nothing wrong with a person leaving the reality of life to enter the beauty of heaven, it can admittedly be a tough thing to wrap my mind around. A dog never likes to see a dear two-legger leave for heaven, in spite of how happy it may be there.

But sometimes we don’t have a choice. Sometimes, for whatever reason, we need to come face to face with the idea of loss. Be it as a supporter, a relative, or a friend, these times are never easy. But, at least from what I can tell, having such people around in times of trouble is worth almost as much as a good meal. Coming from a dog who knows a thing or two about hospital food, please know that means something.

Fortunately, in the game of life there is a dealer who knows how to mix things up. I believe in such a dealer, who knows imagination is real and there is more than the occasional breakdown in communication to prove it. There is love. Life. And  the pursuit of happiness, which does not always look just like you would think it would.

I’m my case it really is that simple sometimes. But that’s more than okay because God has other plans for us as a couple. It sounds far-fetched, but that doesn’t bother me. I’m all things far fetched, assuming there is a home for the original idea.

Of the hundreds of thousands of people to attend something called a “”Harvest Festival,” her understanding is priceless. We can’t take chances with such things. But today I was reminded that it doesn’t matter when your shields may go up. It doesn’t matter. Because I old a sincere value of light to him and the rest of his crew.

Not because of anything necessarily, but because this is something we are doing as family.


3 Responses to “Doorway To Heaven”

  1. Awh! I pray you rest well and find some peace and comfort!

  2. I’m not sure I’m getting the message here, Wiley. It sounds like something sad has gone down in your world.

    Love and licks for happiness,

  3. pugmantis Says:

    Lots of love, Wiley. Changes can be hard, but you are surrounded by love.

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