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It’s A Real Bitch September 28, 2014

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It’s something I’ve been wanting to say for a while. Like for at least eight months already. But I’ve done my best to keep my mouth shut since I make a habit of not complaining about things. That all ends now.Life's Big Questions

I know I put on a good face and I always find the silver lining. I know I am always the biggest proponent of all good things. That ends today. Because today I will say something I have been holding in for almost nine whole months. Breastfeeding is a bitch. There. I said it. And I don’t mean it like most dogs would mean it. It’s not a female dog. My meaning is about as real and  honest and physically personal as you can possibly get.

For all of those out there in support of it, please know I am not in disagreement with you. My dear forever mom has continued with it for almost nine months of dear baby Carter’s life, and for that I give her mad props. Because I’ve seen it all. From the first few days and the pain they brought, to the interim where there seems to be more pumping than breastfeeding, to mom’s recent battle with what to do next, I have seen it all.

I have seen it and I have lived it and that is why I can say with confidence the truth I have come to know. Breastfeeding is a bitch. I’m so happy for mom and Carter that she has continued with it as long as she has, but I also commiserate with her current life situation. Carter could care less whether he is offered a bottle these days (as opposed to some other organically created specialty mom made), and it is starting to take its toll.

Meanwhile, I know that (as time consuming and painful as it can be), it remains a special and important thing to mom, in spite of what any naysayers might tell her. She will get her body back eventually. Some day she will be able to diet and work out like she dreams. Today is not that day.

Which is kind of ironic since it’s something I’ve been wanting to say for so long already. Breastfeeding is a bitch. I know I’ve said it a lot, and that is not like me. But it’s true. After the countless hours I’ve witnessed my dear forever mom in pain over it, I know there is some truth to my opinions. In truth, dreams come alive, even though it might take time to realize their meaning.


3 Responses to “It’s A Real Bitch”

  1. utesmile Says:

    Wiles, sometimes you have to say as it is…. Well, nine month is a long time and Carter got the goodness. Still you have to agree, breastfeeding is lovely for the closeness you get with baby. I did it for a year with my first one and 9 month with the second then had enough. Your mum did the very best!

  2. 9 months is a long time to do anything. Moms always know best about stuff like that….

    Love and licks,

  3. Lyn Says:

    Wiles, I know exactlywhat you mean when you say breastfeeding is a bitch For something that is as natural and beautiful as God intended, it is, ‘a bitch’. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t. Within two weeks, my baby was just about starving and I was blistered and bleeding. I was, what they considered back in the ‘good old days’, a complete failure as a jersey cow. But oh the bliss when I swapped to bottle. Happy, thriving baby = contented Mommy. Your Mom has done absolutely brilliantly to have been able to feed baby Carter for as long as she has, and more power to her, I say.

    If she’s feeling guilty because she can’t continue (or even because she feels she can’t) , she shouldn’t! When he gets older, baby Carter isn’t going to remember whether he had a bottle or a breast. All he’s going to remember is that his Mommy loved him. We mothers remember and often beat ourselves up about it when we shouldn’t. Others try to beat us up about it and they should keep their holier-than-thou, stickybeaking noses out of it. Whether to keep breastfeeding or not, is entirely your Mom’s choice and decision.

    Sorry Wiles, I tend to get a bit over excited about this sort of thing. Being a Mommy or a Daddy is a tough gig these days (not that it was ever easy) and they need all the help and encouragement and applause we can give them. And you know what else? Good Mommies and Daddies like your forever Mom and Dad also receive the applause of heaven, and that’s what we should be aiming for 😉

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