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Where My Story Begins November 5, 2014

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Whether I’m coming inside from rain, snow or sunshine, it is the same every time. From the ground up, I am greeted with the words that are strategically placed in my forever home for all to see. It’s a statement for visitors and a reminder for the family. Home is where your story begins, it reads.Deep Thoughts

It has certainly been true for me during my four years living here. And it’s been quite a story to live. One filled with sights, smells and sounds that have this powerful way of making the world go round. I reflected on this today as I heard a favorite song of ours around here. “Lights will guide you home, and I will try to fix you,” sings Chris Martin of Coldplay.

It’s hard to believe the song came out almost ten whole people years ago already. I wasn’t even around then. But my people were, and they have experienced their fair share of ups and downs along the way. Through good times and bad, I get the impression this is a song that has encapsulated memories for mom of emotional survival. Of passion. Of true and unconditional love.

It was the last song mom and dad danced to on their wedding night. I’ve often thought of how the lyrics describe how I feel about my beloved people. And when no nursery rhymes came to mind in a moment of panic when dear baby Carter was a few days old, it became a bedtime song for him. It takes on a variety of meanings depending on one’s perspective in life, as any good song should do.

Personally I identify most with the concept that light will indeed guide us home, where there will always be someone waiting who loves you. Someone who can fix you with their love.

I guess that’s why I find such comfort in the familiarity of the words that welcome me back into my forever home multiple times a day. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is or what the weather is doing outside, because I know inside will be the same. It’s a message I can’t hear too much. It’s a message I don’t think anyone can hear too much. Home is where your story begins. I’m so blessed to say mine starts here.


2 Responses to “Where My Story Begins”

  1. So, so true, Wiles. Home. The word even sounds safe and warm. Home can always fix us. Thanks for the reminder.

    Love and licks,

  2. utesmile Says:

    You are blessed and I feel me too! Home is wonderful!

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