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You Lose Some December 14, 2014

There is something about this holiday season I can’t put my finger (er, I mean paw) on. It bothered me on that day called Black Friday, when my forever mom and dad came home upset about the rude and pushy people they encountered. It bothered me every time since then they’ve ventured out to the stores and came back emotionally defeated. Silly People

It happened again today. Mom went on a solo trip to a few stores and instead of returning home joyful and full of the spirit of the season, she cried. That did seem admittedly a bit overkill from my doggie perspective, but I digress. The point is, it was not a good shopping excursion yet again. Partially because of the people, who have apparently gotten even more spiteful and hurried as time has gone on. But also because she came across a hurdle at every turn. There was something in the way of every single thing on her shopping list.

That store in the mall closed months ago. That product isn’t carried at this store anymore. They are sold out of that item at all locations of this department store. Defeat was the word she used when she returned home with literally nothing to show for her efforts.

Like I said, there is something about this holiday season I can’t quite put my paw on. But I do know the reason for the season, and I know mom does too. It’s not about the people at the stores or the shopping or the bags or the presents. It’s not about the chaos and the wrapping paper and the perfect gift. It’s about the magic. It’s about celebrating with family and friends. All that other stuff is ornamental.

Regardless of what is going on with the season this year, I know that for sure. I also know these days happen. Bad days are a reality of life. You win some, you lose some. But in my opinion, that’s okay because it makes the wins that much more meaningful.



3 Responses to “You Lose Some”

  1. Thank goodness there are lots more good days filled with the pleasant people than bad days fill with oafs. I’m sure your mom will smack a smile on her face and be back out there trying again soon. Gettin’ it done…

    Love and licks,

  2. Lyn Says:

    Oh Wiles, I know how your poor Mom feels. It seems that people are becoming more and more selfish the closer we get to Christmas. I went shopping this morning and parked in a disabled parking spot close to the front doors of the shopping centre. There are nearly 900 parking bays available and return trolley bays every 4-5 double rows. When I came back to my car, there were 10 trolleys just left next to, and behind my car and in a second disabled parking bay next to me. Why are people so thoughtless and completely lazy that they can’t walk 50 feet to return their empty trolley where it should go? It meant I had to walk back to the particular department store the trolleys belong to and try and find someone who could organise for the trolleys to be moved. What was really crazy is that the Centre Management Office has moved from inside the shopping centre to an upstairs office in a small group of shops on the far side of the car park. In cases like this, we need to be extra kind to people next time we go shopping to make up for it. Give your Mom a “hug” for me.

  3. I’m afraid this christmas is not the real christmas…. I don’t know what, but something is wrong this year… But the thought that we all are together and that we are still there to hug each other is the only thing what brought me some anticipation :o)

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