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A Healing Pain December 16, 2014

At first it was fairly subtle. A faint twitch here and there. Slightly less time on that Smartphone contraption. A few less pets than usual when she visited. From there it seemed to escalate at a surprisingly speedy pace. The twitching became more noticeable. The Smartphone was set aside more frequently. Almost no pets (but lots of verbal love) when she visited. Gratitude

It turns out my dear aunt Morgan has carpal tunnel. In both her hands. Her case seemed to worsen overnight to the point where I noticed her frequently shaking out her tingling hands to lessen the pain. I cringed when I overheard the stories she told my forever mom about waking up screaming in pain. No one I love should ever hurt like that.

Well, today is a new day for my dear aunt Morgan’s hands. A fresh start. Today marks the day of the first of two surgeries to repair her damaged wrists and, in doing so, restore her quality of life. So she can use her hands like a normal person again. I’ve missed those pets, after all.

Joking aside, it really pains me when someone I care about is hurting. Physically. Emotionally. Psychologically. Pain is not one of my favorite things. But if there’s something pain has taught me, it’s to not take anything for granted. Some things aren’t fixable with surgery or therapy or whatever other interventions are out there. And life has a way of working itself out.

Fortunately, many things are fixable. If all goes well, my dear aunt’s hands will be among them so there will be no more twitching and pain. Pets will be restored. The pain of the past will be replaced by a new pain, which I suppose is the only kind I don’t particularly mind. A healing pain. After watching first-paw something so subtle rapidly turn into something so terribly painful, take it from me. A healing pain is a good pain. Because as Gautama Buddha suggested “pain is inevitable in life, but suffering is optional.”


5 Responses to “A Healing Pain”

  1. Best of luck to Aunt Morgan. Both our moms know the healing pains from their knees. Mom loves her giant scar because she said that scar gave her back her life. Hang in there, Aunt M.

    Love and licks,

  2. kiwiskan Says:

    rings bells with me – my husband has bad carpal tunnel problems, and I know just what you are describing. We are hoping he gets the surgery he needs in the new year…

  3. Lyn Says:

    Poor Aunt Morgan. I can appreciate her pain, I had something similar, it’s called De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. The tendons that move your thumb, get stuck in the sheath they run through and can jam in the wrist joint. About six months after surgery, I was all better and haven’t had any more trouble. I do hope Aunt Morgan has no more trouble. I hate to think of any of your family in pain, Wiles.

  4. utesmile Says:

    Wish Aunt Morgan all the best! ♥

  5. I wish your aunt good luck for her surgeries and I hope she gets her normal life back, without pains.

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