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Too Much of a Good Thing February 15, 2015

I’ve got nothing against cats. Or their curiosity. Yet I’ve heard once or twice this thing people say about how curiosity killed the cat. I know it’s just a philosophical anecdote, and therefore falls into a category of phrases I don’t particularly trust.

I also know we canines have our own level of curiosity that can get us into trouble sometimes. In my case, I usually find myself getting into mischief when I blindly follow my nose to places like garbage cans and freshly folded laundry. Those stories never end well for me. Mom and I

Lately, I’ve noticed a similar pattern among some of my dearest loved ones. Except that instead of following their noses, they’ve been following their fingers on a keyboard that leads to nothing but heartbreak and fear. They have brilliant doctors who they trust and yet they are turning to the internet for answers to some of life’s challenging health questions. And I don’t need to understand anything medical to know that is not the right place to turn.

Research, like many good things, can be taken too far. In this case, it is being taken to places where my dear forever mom is put on bed rest and can’t take care of dear baby Carter or the new little person, who may be born too early. Or (gulp) maybe not be born at all if things end badly.

These are all the absolute worst case places that my dear mom has (admittedly somewhat irrationally) allowed the internet to take her mind. And her heavy heart for that matter. All because of a little (albeit serious) complication that’s arisen in her pregnancy with our new little person. A little complication that could just as easily resolve itself in the next few weeks.

I wish I could take the computer away. Because it’s nothing against cats or their curiosity. In her case it’s true. Curiosity can kill the cat. It’s all too easy to head to the worst case place in your head with the help of too much of that good thing called research. Though moderation is never an easy thing for a dog, I can give it the respect it deserves. Now if only I could figure out a way to get mom to do the same.


4 Responses to “Too Much of a Good Thing”

  1. Lyn Says:

    The internet can be a trap. It teases you until you log on and before you know it, two-three hours have past. Maybe Dad could sneakily change the password to the internet – just for a week, or hide the power cord so your Mom has to rest. Praying that everything goes okay, Wiles, that your Mom will rest and that baby #2 will relax and stay put xxx

  2. Pregnant moms worry a lot. It’s a situational hazard. Dr. Google can definitely make things scarier than they really are. Mom and I will stay extra positiv pe for you and your family. In a few weeks, you’ll all be laughing at the fear.

    Love and licks,

  3. Sometimes we do look, even though we know we shouldn’t. Keeping you all in my thoughts!

  4. I made this bad experience too, I found no answers, but more sorrows…. Dr. Yahoo is sometimes not the doc you can trust…

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