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Real Big Love February 19, 2015

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I knew it was bad when mom started crying too. Well, I knew it was bad before that, but I hoped something magically would happen to bring the madness to an end. Two hours. That is how long it went on today. These awful, piercing, resonating screams reverberated off the walls of my forever home for two hours. But it felt like a lot more than that to me. Becoming Truth

The worst part for mom was the same as the worst part for me. We didn’t know what was wrong. And, at least in cases like this, when you don’t know what’s wrong it’s pretty hard to fix it no matter how badly you want to. So I watched as mom tried every trick in the book. After going through the usual list (making sure he’s not hungry, wet or hurt), she turned it into high gear. She tried changing up the scenery (twice), turned on a few of his favorite shows and movies and played with his favorite toys. He didn’t want to be held but he didn’t want to not be held either.

The screams just kept on coming. And with them, the tears. The sight of mom crying tears of defeat as he screamed is one that was too much for me to bear. I fled for the bedroom after not very long and prayed for peace.

It didn’t come until about an hour later when dad came to the rescue. He came home from that place called work for just a little bit, and the mere sight of him seemed to make Carter relax. I know mom was deeply disappointed by this. I watched as she snuck into the other room to cry quietly. I knew it was bad when mom started crying too. But she refused to let anyone other than me see her disappointment.

Because we both know she wasn’t the failure she felt like in that moment. And in reality, she found the sincerest form of solace that the crying had finally drawn to an end. As I watched this all unfold today, I learned a lesson about love. Sometimes love looks like this. It isn’t always pretty or like you’d picture. But that doesn’t change the fact that it was real big love. And it might take longer than we like sometimes, but that kind of love has a way of bringing even the most painful screams to silence.


2 Responses to “Real Big Love”

  1. Lyn Says:

    It’s seems crazy clicking “Like”, Wiles, because everyone was so upset – especially your poor Mom. Not being able to comfort your child is so distressing. I’m glad she has you. Snuggle close and kiss her lots.

  2. “Wiley”….. I new it, I new it, I new it…. your people never fail to me. Thank you for your feed back…, I new, you wouldn’t let pass” this opportunity” to bark bag as a sign of welcoming and appreciation…. You know, I feel sometimes so mind liked to your people, that contrary of what you said in your blog ” If I were a human”, and I perfectly understand why,” tell me about it”, I do wish sometimes to really, truly belong to your people kind…. May be that’s the raison why, in those moments of “pre-settled” mind options, that hardly we human can’t sometimes break through, for better options, we go to the place that remind us the most perfect love and freedom, from the burden, accusations, and blaming, and feelings of ineptitude against our self , to dive deep into the example of your people’s, profound, and wise intuition and heal from the “confusion”. At those moments, you guys, just with your infinite “patience”, waiting for the growth to emerge from our inner site by our own efforts, so we can keep the results embedded in our brain’s paths for the future, help us greatly, in the work out of the brilliant realization (that you already had clear in your “precious mind/heart”, about situation involving Mommy, Carter, and Daddy), that as you said, Wiley, the kind of love, that “humble mommy” exhibited, was the kind of love of “a true mommy”, the kind of love that most resembles that of God, letting get in the middle of one and the object of our love, what we know would be the source for relieve, safety, and comfort, that is what baby Carter needs the most in these moments.
    As always Wiley, your are one of those precious gems-like channels that God designed to infuse his love. Thank you again, for been always there for your closer family, and for even more human people, not that close around you, but that you still influence. Something that would never be lost, Wiley, because those kind of “loves”, as you said, Wiley, live for ever, Out of the reach and boundaries of time. “Loves for ever Wiley”.

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