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The Diaper Change Fiasco March 28, 2015

Filed under: Man's Best Friend — Wiley Schmidt @ 7:18 pm

“Dang, you’re heavy,” I heard dad say, as (I think) he tried to change a diaper I definitely wasn’t wearing.

Wiley's Wisdom

I thought for a second I was in a dream. But I definitely was not. What was happening was real. And it kind of freaked me out. Last night somewhere in the wee hours, dad picked me up out of bed, held me like a baby, and attempted to put me in something I’ve heard called a changing table.

“Dang, you’re heavy,” he half-stammered in his sleepy state. That’s when I figured it out. He thought I was Carter. He had mistaken all 20 pounds of terrier that I am for his child and was about to change my nonexistent diaper. I couldn’t have that (any more than I could wear such a diaper contraption), so I wiggled my way out of that situation right quick.Peace.

It wasn’t until morning that it all paid off for me. It happened as dad retold the story to mom, who miraculously managed to…

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One Response to “The Diaper Change Fiasco”

  1. Lyn Says:

    I read the original story when you first posted it, Wiles, but it still made me laugh again 😀

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