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To The Limit April 28, 2015

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Frustration. Fatigue. Emotional defeat. There is really no sugar coating it. Today was full of all of these things and more in my forever home. Both of my dear forever parents faced seemingly insurmountable hurdles in their respective places called work. These are the things I do not fully understand, yet want to fix. So for me, it was a frustrating, tiring and emotionally challenging day as well.

The limits are no match

But I didn’t cry like mom did. Nor did I hold it in like dad did. I stood by them, as I always do, and offered them my love. Sometimes that is all any of us bystanders can really do. And it matters. It helps. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Nor does it wash away whatever brand of awfulness has shrouded the day.

At least not when its me. I’ve long since developed a certain acceptance of this truth – that there really only is so much I can do to help in such situations. And acceptance does soothe my soul. But not like this soothed theirs.From Up Above

For mom, it happened right after dear baby Carter’s late afternoon nap. After what could be described as an exceptionally trying couple of days at her place called work, she is tired. I could see it on her face, and know it to be true as I witness each and every passing sleepless night first paw. While he is sometimes a bit crabby this time of day, he was all smiles today. She picked him up out of his crib and he voluntarily kissed her on the cheek. Twice.

As she unwrapped him from the sleep blanket he wears, he giggled at her. She tickled his bare legs and he giggled some more. Joy. From the ground up, I watched as these few moments filled my mom’s weary heart with a happiness no money can buy. The rest of the day wasn’t any less trying, but she seemed happier. Lighter. Peaceful, almost, after those precious moments with her little boy.

For dad, it was much more understated. None of us fully understand what happened to disrupt his day so badly, nor would he let his own frustration get in the way of mom’s. But it didn’t matter at bath time, which has developed into a special time he has with Carter each night.

Tonight was no exception, and I watched joy fill dad’s heart as Carter talked to him. It was almost as if he was sharing the happenings of his day, though he was (of course) doing so in a language none of us understand. The information he shared was very real to him, making it very real to dad, who listened and talked back to him as if he understood.

After that, I could tell he too was no longer effected by the trials of the day.

Frustration. Fatigue. Emotional defeat. These were among the things that pushed us all to the limit around here today. But there is no struggle, no mountain to be climbed, that cannot be eased by the simplicity that is joy from the ground up.


3 Responses to “To The Limit”

  1. Lyn Says:

    No one could remain sad when a little person gives you a smile like Carter has on his face. You could almost believe his ears were smiling too ❤ 🐻

  2. “Yes!!” Wiley, “the simplicity of baby Carter’s joy”…..
    In his short time of experiences on earth, he’s been awaken to” true love” ( God Bless always your forever Home )….He have had already probably, some hard moments to go through since he joined the rest of the “Planet Earth”, due to the inevitable sometimes, sickness, or the usual every day learning processes, ( that not always go according to “our ways”, and make us suffer until we learn the right way to behave, and work through any different, and difficult situations, that should include to learn it correctly, “consideration for us” and “consideration for others”….you know about that!! ),…and baby Carter, has been taught to live through any “hard situation” with “love and fortitude”. Wonderful Baby Carter, is already becoming a “beautiful Human Been”. The “Beautiful Gift of Joy”, that he already exhibits is the sign of the growing true love, and the growing of fortitude, that should go together, to make our kind and yours too, as you might know also, “Right Adults Been”. That lovely smile has resumed, and imprinted the distinctive quality of “Hope”,…for me “Hope is build on love and fortitude”….”Hope, loves you, and at the same time gives you strength”, that’s why baby Carter’s smile heals so well, and feels anybody in consequence with “Joy”, and “Peace”. “Wiley, great, and joyful days awaits you in the future with this wonderful companion of Carter”. Can’t wait to hear how love, and joy grows every wear in your for ever home, and how Fun accompanies every moment. “Waging tails from the four legs people over here, and from the two legs people too, and lots of hugs, and leaking, and the invaluable enjoyment of “True Joy”.

  3. utesmile Says:

    It is not absolutely wonderful how much power a kiss, a smile, a snuggle and love have. My 2 boys keep spreading love and joy like that and you keep your parents sane and let them forget about work and worries. Big hug for your parents too, we all need it. I could do with you and Carter sometimes too! 🙂 Love your family!

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