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Taking it Easy May 11, 2015

Filed under: Man's Best Friend — Wiley Schmidt @ 8:56 pm

It’s another one of those things I think people could learn from their four-legged friends. Beyond that, it is certainly another one of the many situations when I wish I could speak up. Because I know the benefits first paw and it really is something straight from the pages of A Dog’s Life 101. Getting cozy

People need to learn to relax. Even though I’m certain I could literally run circles around my dear forever family, I chose not to. Instead I rest and am a silent watcher as the chaos unfolds around me. The schedules and the errands and the bills and the laundry…it’s all too much for me to even begin to comprehend. I know and respect that.

Yet I understand the importance of occasionally sitting down, taking a deep breath, and letting things carry on without you sometimes.

It took stern talking to from several people to make it happen, yet that is what mom finally did today. She called in “pregnant” to work and called in reinforcements to tend to Carter (for a portion of the day at least). And she did as she was told. She rested. She didn’t work. She didn’t open her computer. I caught her checking her phone too much, but I’ll allow that at least.

The point is she hit pause at a time when she really (really) needed to take a break. To take it easy. For the most part, I find these words to be so often disregarded for what they really are. Taking it easy doesn’t mean doing half of the to-do list. It means setting the to-do list aside altogether and enjoying the rejuvenation there can be in doing so. It means keeping the computer off and maybe even in another room so it doesn’t cause temptation. It means asking for help.

I know a lot of these things are hard for people to do just as well as I know everyone has their own personal interpretation of what it really means to relax. Yet to me it’s simple. It is another one of those things that makes me wish I could scream from the mountaintops. It is okay to stop sometimes. It is okay to say no. Beyond that, sometimes its necessary.

I may not be able to say so out loud, but I was proud of mom today for taking some time to simply be. People need that every once in a while.


3 Responses to “Taking it Easy”

  1. utesmile Says:

    Yes we do Wiley! ♥

  2. That is a tough one for the humans, Wiles. It’s a good thing they have us as stellar examples.

    Love and licks,

  3. Yes, an excellent plan is sometimes no plan. Good for your mom!
    And good for you for being the stellar example of love and relaxation. 🙂

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