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A Life Less Ordinary May 23, 2015

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When it comes to change, there is something I have noticed seems to stand out regardless of the circumstances. For better or for worse, change always is accompanied by a “before.” Though, in every instance, before is defined differently, the simple truth remains. Joy

In our case, “before” has come to be a place with myself and my dear forever family of three. The before was a time when things went a certain way and followed a certain routine. The before involved its own set of challenges at the beginning, but developed into the norm. The before was just that. All that has changed now, yet some things are the same.

Tonight as bedtime for dear Carter approached, I heard the words of a familiar tune for what was probably the fiftieth time. I’ve seen this particular Curious George movie how many times, yet tonight it was kind of like hearing it (really hearing it) for the first time. The words that stood out to me were to ‘live a life less ordinary, make life extraordinary.”

It got me to thinking about change. There’s nothing wrong with all things familiar. There’s nothing wrong with being ordinary. Yet there is something to be said for living a life less ordinary. For changing with the tide. For making life extraordinary.

My vision came to life today as my family of five took to the streets of my neighborhood on what was our first walk together in our current familial configuration. It was anything but ordinary wandering that albeit familiar territory I’ve come to know so well in my time with my family. We didn’t make it very far on account of several uncontrollable variables, but it didn’t matter.

Because in those moments we were together. As a family. In a time of change. The before, while prevalent, is no longer the focal point in the face of these adjustments. Together we are living a life less ordinary. Together we are making life extraordinary. Together we are in the now, and it is a beautiful place to be.


One Response to “A Life Less Ordinary”

  1. First neighborhood walk! What a great milestone. There are millions more. So fun!

    Love and licks,

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