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Wishing For Tomorrow December 11, 2014

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It’s a million dollar idea. Seriously, I think if I could somehow figure out a way to create the product and get it to the right people, it would be life changing. Not just for me. Not just for my family and friends. But for millions of families like us.

A baby translator that accurately identifies what a baby is saying from birth until words happen. Sure, I know this is not a new concept. I’m sure that anyone with a new baby in the house has thought about it more than once. I know because I have. I remember all kinds of months ago when my forever mom and dad brought dear baby Carter home the first time. The first few weeks were brutal. So. Much. Crying. So. Little. Sleep. It was hard on all of us.

Hi Carter

Hi Carter

Things are so much different now. There’s a lot less crying and a lot more sleep for all of us now, so I think it’s safe to say life is a much happier place these days. But now there is a whole new kind of translation I wish I could wrap my mind around.

Carter has taken to babbling in a way that I swear he’s saying things. On purpose. In full and complete thoughts. The problem is (almost) everything he’s saying is complete and utter nonsense. I do think I hear some words intermixed. He’s been saying mama, dada, doggie, hi and yay for a while now. That’s different. These are like full conversations he’s having with himself, his toys, the ceiling, and mom and dad.

That all changed this week as he’s started talking to me. Today in particular, I was laying in one of my favorite spots in my forever home when it happened. “Yola dada doggie,” or something was amid his message within a entire five minute conversation he had with me this afternoon. He was petting my ear while he talked softly to me about whatever he was saying. And I loved every minute of it.

In those moments I had a new-found understanding for all those times mom says she wishes she could translate what he’s saying into real words. It’s funny since I simultaneously hate seeing him grow up so fast so the last thing I want to do is wish away time. I know that’s what we all do when we wish for him to be able to talk.

I know my million dollar idea is probably not unique. I’m sure some have even attempted to craft such a contraption. But today as I listened to dear Carter’s little words in my ear, I realized how important it is not to focus as much on what we want as what we have. To embrace today instead of wishing for tomorrow. Because today is pretty special too.