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If You Believe May 12, 2014

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Mel, Carter and NoahI have a confession to make. I wasn’t always a believer in heaven. That’s right. Your dearly beloved resident doggie optimist once did not believe in the great and powerful beauty that awaits me after the Rainbow Bridge. I can’t say why I used to feel that way. Until today.Deep Thinking

Sometimes it’s all too easy to question something until you come face to face with it. Then there is no question. For me, it happened for the first time when I finally found my forever home. I knew in my heart somehow that everything was going to be all right. Not just today, but for forever. It happened again today when my prayers were answered.

My mom’s dear friend Mel had her little person today. Her beloved Millie dog will now have a little person to love and snuggle and (more often than anyone would like to admit) run away from when she realizes she can do nothing to stop the crying. It is a miracle in itself, this thing people do bringing little people into the world. But for me it was more than that.

Because, if you recall, I asked for your help a few days ago. I asked for your prayers. And today they were answered. Dear baby Noah entered the world this afternoon weighing 8 pounds, 4 ounces and measuring 20.5 inches long. He is beautiful. He is another reminder of that thing called heaven. Someone up there hears our prayers, whether or not we even know we’re praying. Faith. From the ground up, it was realized today in another beautiful addition to the world.