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Joy: From the Ground Up

For Good Reason February 10, 2015

It’s not too often I feel misunderstood by my forever people. But this is one of those things they’ve never gotten right. It started a long time ago, and it’s one of those things I’ve always just done and always for good reason.

It started when I was a puppy. Something about eating together with my puppy brothers and birth mom was special. We didn’t ever have much, and I knew my birth mom worked find the scraps that we did have. So it meant something to me that we all ate together. Deep in Thought

I carried it through even after that fateful day I lost them, almost out of respect for where I came from.

I’ve lived in my forever home for almost five people years now, and in all that time I think my people got it wrong. I used to wait for my forever mom to get home from that place called work to before I would eat. My forever dad thought this was because she is my favorite, but that is where he went wrong. I would agree she’s my person, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s the only one. My dear forever dad is equally important to me, as is dear baby Carter. I’ve even reserved a place in my heart for the new little person.

All this time, I think that’s what they assumed was my reasoning. They assumed wrong.

The reason I always waited for mom was she was the second (and last) of my people I waited for each day. When she came home, the family was complete. For the last year or so, she almost always beats dad home, so the tables have turned. Now its when he gets home that I feast on my delicious dinner of champions. Because that’s when the family is complete.

It’s one of those things I’ve always done. And that’s what I know my dear birth mom would have wanted for me. I didn’t get to spend much time with her, but she lives on in my heart, through the little things that make me who I am. I used to wonder if my people would ever figure that out. Now I know it doesn’t matter if they do.


Life Goes On October 17, 2014

It was bound to happen eventually. Like anything else in life, I suppose it was only a matter of time until it did. So I thought I would be ready for it. I thought I would be prepared. I thought wrong.

It was harmless enough, from what I could tell. It was dinnertime around here, and as mom and dad sat down to dinner, mom shared some of her taco salad chicken with dear baby Carter. At nine months old, he has had chicken countless times. He frequently gets samples of what mom and dad eat, while maintaining a healthy balanced diet of organic homemade baby food. He eats better than me, this much is fore sure. (Not to say I don’t get scraps, but that’s another story). Writer's Block?So tonight when mom let him have a few pieces of her taco seasoned chicken, it wasn’t anything that out of the ordinary around here. I stood by, knowing I would likely be lapping up any delicious leftovers that were to spill over the high chair table. My forever family was about two bites into dinner when it happened. 

Carter had his first averse food reaction, presumably from the taco seasoned chicken as that is the only thing he had today that he hasn’t previously enjoyed. Chaos ensued for the better part of an hour as mom researched online and dad gave him a bath and some rash treatment for the little red circles that popped up all over his tiny chin. I’m not going to lie to you – it was a pretty terrifying passage of time around here, with everyone so upset.

But (don’t tell mom I said so) I am also glad it happened. Life tests us in ways we don’t always understand for reasons we may never know. There are things we can’t control along the way. These things happen. And life goes on.

It was bound to happen eventually. And, even though dad questioned the spices being good for Carter, mom tried it anyway. But sometimes we need reminders like these. Because we all are better people for them. And as I knew it would, things are back to normal around here not all that long after all hell broke loose. Everyone is okay. No one is seriously worse for the wear. Life goes on. And that is a beautiful thing.