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Joy: From the Ground Up

Like A Watermark October 10, 2014

They say it killed the cat. I sure hope that isn’t true, because something is in full bloom around here. Curiosity. From the ground up, it is in literally everything dear baby Carter does all day.

The toys, the cardboard discovery tunnel my forever parents built for him, the furniture. These are all more obvious things I suppose one would expect a child of nine months to explore. Things that are catching mom and dad off guard are the less obvious things, like inside the cabinets, the dishwasher and literally every object that is within an arm’s reach for him.

I realized today it’s kind of funny, since I wouldn’t dare venture anywhere but my designated toy bin for play things, it seems this is all Carter ever does – explore things outside the box. I think it’s all part of his development, because mom and dad certainly do (albeit cautiously) celebrate his discovery and appreciation of things.

And I suppose it brings some joy to my heart, as well. To see him using his little mind to figure things out, and the joy it brings my people to observe it happening. Even if it is something as seemingly insignificant as a spoon.

This thing called perspective is interesting in these memorable family moments. It reminds me a bit of a watermark, which (I admittedly had to look up to make sure I knew the proper definition of) is a recognizable image or pattern in paper that appears as various shades of light or darkness when viewed by transmitted light.

Right now, that light is in dear baby Carter’s heart as he explores things in his world for the first time. Right now, that “curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning,” as American inspirational writer William Arthur Ward suggested. I can say I agree, as I watch the impact this candle has on my little family. The joy it brings.

So I sure hope this thing called curiosity doesn’t kill the cat. Or anyone for that matter. Because from where I’m sitting (or laying, depending on the time of day), it’s definitely my new favorite source of joy from the ground up.


Come Away With Me October 5, 2013

I’m no Mozart or Picasso, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a thing of beauty.

I see art when I step out the back door into one of my favorite places. Some would call it a backyard. I call it paradise. There are squirrels to chase, trees to lounge under, and (perhaps best of all) it’s all mine.

And it doesn’t matter where I am in the house – it is music to my ears when my treat jar gets opened. That, or a treat bag, or the bag with my rawhides in it. Or the door where my people keep my leash. Forget Canon in D. I’ll take the sound that signifies impending adventure over that piano music any day.Come Away With Me

Until today. Today music and art combined into it’s own fabulous kind of symphony I will forever hold dear to my little doggie heart.

It began as it usually does. “Wiley up,” mom said before she picked me up for a dance around the kitchen. It was the first time we’ve done this since she’s been pregnant and I didn’t realize I kind of missed it. Her and I dancing like ninnies to Norah Jones’ “Come Away With Me.” I know we looked absolutely ridiculous and I didn’t care.

So you can imagine my surprise at what happened next. Dad caught us. And he didn’t hesitate. Instead he came away with us. And I’m sure we looked even more silly-the three of us clumsily clamoring around in the small space. But none of it mattered because in that moment we were away together in a happy place. I didn’t think things could get any better (especially within only 3 minutes and 18 seconds of the song), but they did.

Beauty. It’s all around us in various forms. I see it in all kinds of places. I hear it in all sorts of ways. And today it took me away. Just as Norah sang the words “come away with me and I’ll never stop loving you,” mom interjected to point out the baby could hear the music. “And baby is dancing right now too,” she said.

So there we were – the four of us. My forever family. As art and music collided in its harmonious symphony, I mentally confirmed what I already knew to be truth. I would come away with them anywhere.


Simplify – An Inner Journey January 2, 2013

There is great power in words. Once uttered, they can’t be taken back. That is one of many reasons I love the written word. I’ve heard from a couple of different people that mom used to keep a book of words. Not in any particular or logical order, just a collection of words she thought were unique, insightful or just plain neat.

Day three with Simple Abundance is a reflection on some of life’s most powerful vocabulary words. “At the heart of Simple Abundance is an authentic awakening, one that resonates with your soul,” Breathnach writes. “You already possess all you need to be genuinely happy.”

In a world that seeks psychological acceptance from exterior sources, Breathnach challenges that genuine and sincere happiness occurs through internal understanding and appreciation of a set of big picture words. When weaved together, these high octave words piece together a road sign toward internal happiness.

Gratitude – What am I most thankful for? This is an easy one. I am thankful to my parents for bringing me into a loving home.
Simplicity – I don’t need treats. I don’t need praise. What I need is to wake up each day and be thankful for what I already have.
Order – My best days are those with structure. I do enjoy the occasional detour, but without the home I’m thankful for and my parents who love me, I wouldn’t have structure or adventure.
Harmony – Herein lies the key. I have pledged to make an effort to live in harmony with all things, to recognize it, to embrace it.
Beauty – Its everywhere. In the snowflakes of winter, and the dog days of summer. I will live to find beauty in even the ugliest of days.
Joy – And so we come full circle. When I started this blog, I sought to share my unique perspective on joy with the world, because it is my belief that joy is meant to be shared.

My inner journey is simple in nature. It seeks to grasp on to these powerful words and how they work in my life and to share the resulting joy with the world.