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Little Hands and Feet May 5, 2014

In actuality, they’re not really that little. At least as far as averages may be concerned. But my dear little person and his little hands and feet amaze me every day. While I do still believe the eyes are the gateway to the soul, lately I’ve noticed hands and feet do their own kind of talking.

I speak, of course, of dear baby Carter, whose lust for life has reached a very interesting place of late. He’s found his feet. And, as it turns out, they are for so much more than standing. Who needs rattles when you have feet to play with? This child is so enamored with his ten little toes you would think each contained a million dollars.Ah. Feet.

Not only that, but he has taken to staring at things with a curious look on his face. Like paper. Or his bottle. Or even me. It’s almost like he’s piecing all sorts of puzzles together in his head every moment of every day. It doesn’t matter how big or small or insignificant the discovery may seem – to him it’s a whole new world filled with joy and adventure.

It’s a thought process I decided today I could learn something pretty important from. While I know ignorance does not always bliss, there is something to be said for finding renewed life in such seemingly insignificant things. Everything is new and exciting. Even his not-so-little hands and feet.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered,” suggested Italian physicist and philosopher Galileo Galilei, “the point is to discover them.” I found myself feeling oddly envious of dear little Carter’s curiosity today, until I reminded myself of all we have to discover together and all the joy these discoveries will bring. It’s like a fresh new perspective on life. And I can’t wait.