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A Night In the Life April 27, 2013

There is a lot to be thankful for about mornings. Every day the sun rises is a blessing. I have mixed emotions about the birds outside the bedroom window that seem to chirp a little earlier each morning, but I do give them credit for always catching the worm. So it might come to a surprise to some people that I would definitely describe myself as a night doggie.

In the mornings when my forever people get ready to go to that place called work I stay in a semi-sleep haze state until they both leave and I enjoy my morning nap. I sleep the majority of most days. When I wake, I daydream.

It’s my people time. It doesn’t matter if we’re all cuddled on the couch, playing pickle in the middle (even though I am always the pickle), or they are keeping me company while I blog: our time in the night together is priceless. And it wasn’t that long ago that my nights became even more special to me, when I was invited to sleep in the bed with my people pack. This was no small hurdle to conquer and it was definitely one of the best nights of my little doggie life when I finally convinced my dad to allow it.

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Dogs would make good lawyers if scientists ever find a way to break the communication gap between people and canines. Even if they don’t, I think there is a silent connection between dogs and their people that makes us man’s best friend. I have all the respect in the world for obedience training, and I understand who the pack leaders are in my house, but I also believe in the power of “the face.”

You know the one. Close your eyes and picture it for a second. Tilted head. Big eyes. You can’t say no to “that face.”

I’ve won my fair share of battles with that face. Mom has always been a lot easier to win over than dad in general, especially when it came to the battle of the bed. I remember listening nervously to their conversation on that first night in my forever home to their conversation about “the rules.” Dad did a lot of the talking, about how I would sleep in my crate, spend days in my crate, and under absolutely no circumstance be allowed on the furniture   (especially the bed). Mom seemed agreeable, but I knew already then she would side with me on future negotiations.

I started small, as all those first steps in evoking change are often the most crucial. It wasn’t too long until I got to spend days in the kitchen rather than the crate. I made my way on the couches shortly thereafter using not only “the face” but also “the cuddle.” Hard as it may be for people to say no to the face, experience has showed me it’s almost impossible to say no to “the face/cuddle combo.” Eventually the combo move also got me on the bed, just with mom at first. Then, one fateful night, dad agreed and (oh doggie) I’ve never been so happy as I was that night.

This is not to say I’ve ever struggled to sleep in my forever home. I slept in the crate just fine. I sleep in my little doggie bed in the kitchen during the day as peaceful as I did in the crate. Day or night, sleep is never a problem for me. But that night when I finally got to sleep with the two people I love most in the world took me back to my moments cuddling up to my birth mom all those moons ago. I’d always missed her warmth, her heartbeat, and her love, but it all came back to me that night and every night since.

Now when my people mom says its “bedtime” its one of my favorite moments in the day. And when that sun rises and the birds sing outside the bedroom window each morning, it’s a reminder of the night I have to look forward to.