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Joy: From the Ground Up

Just Get Along November 4, 2014

It all sounds a little cutthroat to me. Maybe it’s the canvassers. Or the attack ads on television. Or even some of the conversations I’ve overheard in recent weeks. I’m not sure what has brought me to this conclusion, but I know it’s true. Elections for public office are a cutthroat business.

It would be hard for it not to be, I suppose, given that one person’s success equates to another person’s failure. But alas, that is how the democracy of our country functions. It all makes me very happy I’m a dog, led (somewhat blindly) through life by the decisions of my forever family. They say love is blind, after all. Happy

Nonetheless, I do contemplate these things on what is election day in this country we live in, and it makes me wonder why we can’t all just get along. I’m sure I would be met with my own share of challenges should the roles be reversed and dogs have control over such things, this I will admit. However, I do feel the need to voice my opinion about the negativity that seems to follow this election business around like a storm cloud hovering and ready to strike at any moment. Can’t we all just get along?

Sometimes I wonder how my people would view such things from my perspective. I know nothing about any of the issues I’ve heard about. All I know is what I’m fed via sources like the ads and the media. And, to be completely honest, it’s enough to make me want to shut it all out and not even make an effort to evoke any kind of change. It seems as though it might be too far gone.

So you can imagine my surprise when my people packed up myself and dear baby Carter upon their arrival home from that place called work. Off we went to the nearby school to cast our votes. Well, Carter and I obviously stood by silently, but you know what I mean.

It was a good reminder for me. I need those sometimes, too. It was refreshing to see that the political garbage that has led us to today did not impact their decision to exercise their right to vote as I fear it may have done for me had I been in their shoes. It reminds me to take pride in the truth, even though it can be skewed one way or another sometimes. It reminds me to stand proudly amid the lies and smoke and mirrors and give them no power. Because I am free. And I am proud to be an American.


If Dogs Ruled The World June 13, 2013

There’s a lot of controversy in politics today. I don’t know a lot about it, but from what I gather from the television a lot of people spend a lot of time debating a lot of things that may or may not actually come to pass in the legal system. While I wouldn’t dare imply these conversations are anything other than necessary stepping stones to the betterment of the world we live in, sometimes I feel like there’s far too much talk leading to not enough action.Love in Truth, Truth in Love

Maybe its the canine in my brain. Most of us dogs act before we think. We make decisions based on impulse rather than a process of deduction or inference. I know (in my mind) it’s not safe to chase that rabbit into the street but it doesn’t stop me from doing it anyway. That grape that falls to the floor could kill my doggie kidneys, but I gulp it up anyway. And (on a more serious note) my instinct is to share my joy with the world even though I’m not certain how eloquently my intentions translate.

Understanding this fundamental difference in processing, I wonder sometimes what it would be like if dogs ruled the world. I have often dreamed of myself in a suit and tie making my way up the steps of Capitol Hill. (This little guy has big thoughts to share with the world.) In my dream, I stand to represent all other dogs wishing to make a difference in the lives of people. I walk my way up to the podium with my list of bills I wish to present for consideration to become laws, I dust off my pants, and I begin.

Love your neighbor as yourself, I say.

And the dream always ends the same way – with the room in an uproar of laughter at my (allegedly ridiculous) proposal. I don’t even get to say my other ideas (like including putting an end to animal cruelty) before I’m escorted away from the podium. I always wake feeling completely and utterly helpless. Feeling helpless is the absolute worst, especially when I know in my heart that us dogs have an abundance of love to share with the world.

So I stand by my idea, even if I never get my moment in Washington DC. To me, we could all use a visit back to basics. I don’t care what those people in my dream think. Like ancient Greek philosopher Plato, I stand for love and its power to change the world.

“Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the Gods,” Plato said.

There’s a lot of controversy in politics today I feel could be solved with some simple doggie truths that are fundamental to our way of life. Listen when you wish you could speak. Love when you want to hate. Make change when you feel comfortable with the status quo. And (perhaps most important of all) stand proudly when others sit because you believe in the power of truth in love.