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Sleeping on Clouds April 1, 2014

Today was strange. I slept the majority of the time, as I usually do. Baby Carter went about his day pretty much as usual too. Mom, on the other hand, was like the Energizer bunny.

She spent the entire day on the phone and in meetings with various people talking very seriously about things that sound important, like road improvements and tax-incremental financing districts (whatever that means) and fire stations. Apparently it was something called election day in the local communities she is now covering for her new job as a reporter.

From these conversations, I took three things.2012-12-29-15-51-47

1) Local government is legit. Sure, voter turnouts aren’t always the best and sometimes politics gets too political, but behind closed doors these are real people with visions for the future.

2) Mom’s job is important. As a reporter, she is a liaison of information from the people with the messages to the people who need to hear and understand the messages. I know from my experience learning from people that things can get lost in translation all to easily, and it is her job to make sure that never happens.

3) Passion is powerful. I heard it in the voices of the people on the phone. I heard it in mom’s voice. These people have some serious passion for what they are doing. They are from all different backgrounds and walks of life. They have different experiences to bring to the table. They are republican and democrat and everything in between. But, at least from what I can tell, they all have one thing in common. They want to make a difference.

Today was strange. It may have appeared fairly normal to an outsider, but something happened in my dreams today. As I slept I dreamed of sleeping on clouds, up where my dreams are. Because from there I can look down on the world and see such things. I can see these people and all of their counterparts across our democratic system doing what they do best. Making a difference.