Wiley's Wisdom

Joy: From the Ground Up

To Spring Forward March 9, 2015

It’s not just the birds. They’re great and all, and it’s good to have them back. But something happened today that brought a lasting smile to my heart. I know it’s going to sound pretty silly, and I don’t care.

I saw green grass. Love in Truth, Truth in Love

Well, it is more brownish green than green. And it’s only in patches. None of that matters to me. Because the windows in my forever home were all open today to let in the fresh spring-like air. The grass is taking back its presence from the snow that accumulated over the frigid winter months. I say this cautiously, knowing from experience that snow and cold temperatures are still possible in March. (I live in Wisconsin, after all).

All of that said, I’m going to say it.

Spring is here! From the ground up, I felt it in my heart today. I’m not one to encourage wishing any amount of time away. I feel the need to embrace the beauty in each day, even when its gloomy and cold and the attitude of people seems to follow. That’s the thing, though. The attitude of people seems to follow.

I watched from my perch in the windowsill today as passersby had a definite bounce to their step. Not only were they walking, running or frolicking by in the first place (a rare sight through winter until now), but their was an air of joy in their motion.

Little girls stomped gleefully in the puddles where snow used to be. Moms jogged blissfully with their baby carriages. My dog friend Izzy and I barked hello at each other during our longer-than-usual time outside. Joy. From the ground up, it joined the sunlight that breathed new life into the fresh air today.

It’s more than the green grass. And the birds singing. And the people in the street. The renewal, and everything that comes with it, is a welcomed thing. It doesn’t mean there weren’t good things to winter. I love my cozy time with my forever family and Christmas and even the snow that is slowly melting away as much as the next dog. But the time has come to renew. To spring forward. And I can’t wait.





Dirty Paws April 25, 2014

I don’t like feeling left out. Yet I can’t lie in saying I haven’t felt left behind on more than one occasion in the last four months. That is how old my dear little person is (almost), and I frequently revel in how quickly that time has flown by. Yet it seems like ages when I consider that I am no longer first fiddle to my dear forever mom. Silliness

Oh heavens now. Most days I am second and I know it. Carter cries. I hide under the bed. Mom snuggles Carter now, not me. Mom plays with Carter now, not me. For all I know, mom loves Carter now, not me. On the bad days like we had yesterday, it’s easy to let these negative thoughts make their way from my head into my heart. Yet days like today remind me I might as well declare myself crazy.

Because days like today when I start to feel left out, something intervenes. I’m not sure what. For all I know, it is me. But today it happened again. Mom and dad were enjoying the warmer than usual spring weather. Dad was working in the yard while mom occupied Carter in his carrier thingy (which I frequently wish I would have tried out prior to his arrival). Carter was happy, which means mom was happy, which means I was ecstatic.

Then it happened. I stopped feeling left out. Partially because I jumped myself into a love fest kind of situation on the patio furniture, as I have been known to do. But in doing so, I seemed to make¬†more than just my own heart happier. Mom smiled. Carter smiled. And my heart smiled. Because I knew in that moment we agreed on all things in life. It didn’t matter that my paws were dirty from the mud in the backyard. It didn’t matter because we all had joy in our hearts. In that moment, that is what mattered.

And that’s how the story goes. Regardless of how frequently I may feel left out, moments like I had today remind me I am losing my mind (not my heart). All is well, wehtehr we realize it in the moment or not.