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The Open Door Policy May 27, 2015

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I’ve never been one to question having an open door policy at my forever home. As a semi professional in the art of being an attention hog, I don’t particularly mind when we have visitors more regularly. It happened when dear Carter was born and it is happening again with dear baby Conner. Loving Company

Everybody wants to meet him. And snuggle him. And maybe sneak a kiss (or two) on his pudgy little cheeks. And I love every minute of it. But as a permanent resident of my home, it is something somewhat confusing to me at times. Not that I would ever question someone who wishes to visit. That’s beside the point.

What I question is whether it’s really a good idea for my dear forever parents to be welcoming visitors in the first place. Please know that both Carter and Conner are very good sleepers (at least so far). But they are typical babies and for us that means no one is getting much solid sleep around here these days (except Carter, who somehow manages to sleep regardless of what’s happening).

Dear Conner eats every three hours around the clock, just like his brother once did. I see it taking its toll on the efficiency and overall productivity of my dear people. They’re tired. Anyone can see that. So why would they want to have so many people over to meet dear Conner is admittedly somewhat of a mystery to me.

Or it was, at least. Just as it happened with Carter, so it happened again. My doggie pal Diesel’s mom, Jessica, was here a few days ago and suddenly I understood. As mom ever so carefully handed dear Conner off to her, I saw it. Joy. From the ground up, it filled the hearts of both my mom and Jess in that moment. And it filled my heart with a familiar sense of peace with it all similar to what I experienced as I watched the same phenomenon occur with Carter.

Yes. My people are tired. But they know it’s temporary. I know it’s temporary. What isn’t temporary is these beloved people and the joy that fills the room in moments. That is real. And that’s what makes the open door policy one of my very favorite things.


3 Responses to “The Open Door Policy”

  1. I hope some of the visitors snuggle YOU and sneak a kiss on YOUR chubby little cheeks too, Wiley. If not, I can see by the picture that you have a Plan B. It seems to be working!

    Love and licks,

  2. Lyn Says:

    Wiles, I miss you ❤

  3. Where are you Wiley?!?!

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