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Playing with Fire May 22, 2013

What is it about fire that is so tanlizingly mesmerizing? I find myself gazing at it, watching the flickers and sparks, and I can’t take my little doggie eyes off it. I’ve been staring at it all day, while falling in and out of sleep from its warmth. Maybe it’s the novelty of it, since we don’t have a fireplace at my forever home. I’m currently spending a couple of days with my grandma and my cousin Buddy at their place, as my parents have gone to a place called a spa and left me behind.

Catching FireAt first, I was kind of bummed to be left behind. This is the week we had all planned to pack up the car and head to a place called South Dakota. We were staying at pet-friendly places along the way, so I could tag along, and (like my people) I’d been looking forward to it for months. But I’ve heard my fair share of jibber jabber from my mom and dad about gas prices being at almost $4 a gallon (whatever that means), and I can’t help but deduce that is what nailed the coffin in our great American road trip. Instead, they settled for a quick mid-week getaway to a spa that’s a couple hours away. Mom calls it her “happy place” and I could tell how happy she was that she convinced dad to like it too.

The more time I’ve spent getting treats from grandma, playing chase with Buddy, and staring at this big beautiful fireplace, the less sad I am that I’m not cooped up in a car for all that time. Don’t get me wrong, car rides are among my most favorite things in the world, but a dog also needs to get outside and stretch his (or her) legs. The ride would have been about 27 hours round-trip, and that is a lot by anyone’s standards.

And now, as I stare at the sparks in the fire, my thoughts turn to how happy I am that they are happy, wherever they are. Which brings me full circle to my very reason for blogging in the first place.

“The spark divine dwells in thee: let it grow,” wrote great American poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox. When I started this blog, I set out to share 365 days of my unique perspective on joy from the ground up–my divine spark–with whomever wanted it. The response has been overwhelming. The friends and family I’ve made have been powerful additions to my life. For me, this blog is like those sparks I’ve been watching all day in the fire. They’ve caught fire in their own little doggie blog way, and I can only hope the fire of joy is burning in at least a few more hearts now than before I started this journey.


22 Responses to “Playing with Fire”

  1. Hope your mom and daddy have a great visit at their happy place! Grandma sounds like a happy place, too! 🙂

  2. A fireplace is as good as a sun puddle, W. Warm and toasty, like your little doggie heart. Enjoy your stay-cation.

    Love and licks,

    • C,
      I love your words, dear friend. They so often reflect things just as I feel them! Thank you also for your compliment. It might be the heat from the fire, but you make me blush. 😉

  3. Lyn Says:

    Oh I loved going to stay with my Grandma (my Nana) when I was a little girl. She lived with her daughter (my Auntie Eadie). It always meant trips to the park and breakfast in bed and apple and rhubarb pies 🙂
    I don’t take many trips these days either Wiles, here in Oz, petrol is measured in litres and at our current price for standard fuel at $1.64 a litre, that works out at just on US$6 a gallon. I’m glad that all my family lives fairly close.

    • My goodness gracious, Lyn! $6 a gallon! My forever parents would freak! I’m so happy to hear your family lives close so that ridiculousness doesn’t keep you from spending time with those who fill your life with the most sincere joy! Puts things in perspective around here, too. 😉

  4. the divine spark is caught, not taught and YOU are showering us with sparks which cannot help but inflame our hearts

  5. huntmode Says:

    Wiley, back in the ’80s, I began a book called The Divine Spark ~ yours is better! HuntMode

    • HuntMode! That (along with Melanie’s comment above) is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me, albeit false. I’m sure your book was brilliant. Did you ever finish it?

      • huntmode Says:

        I didn’t finish it per se; the premise, which was what happens when people end up with such advance technology that they never need to leave their homes? Rather forward thinking of me, eh?! I was concerned the suicide rate would skyrocket from the isolation. So, part of the question became what must we do for ourselves that no machinery/technology could replace. In that quirky writer’s world, where thoughts take shape, I have pursued that question over the last 20-30 years and for that I have a lot of writing!

      • I love that concept, and wholeheartedly agree. There’s no app for so much of the reality of the world, and it breaks my heart to see the way things are getting so technological! The last time I was with my favorite little people, I went down in the basement to play with them and found they were all on some sort of mobile device not talking to each other. It broke my little doggie heart, so you’d better believe I broke up the tech-time. 🙂

  6. finnhoward Says:

    We are glad you are having a good time with grandma and even though SD would have been nice, sometimes it is nice to stay home too!

  7. I hope your parents have a wonderful time. I like it too to watch the flames and it’s always interesting how some sparks can inflame a blazing fire. You’re right it’s alittle bit like blogging, first you will get some sparks, but after a while it’s a flame which gives off heat :o)

    • Thanks pal – I too hope they have a wonderful time. They deserve to take a break with all that running around they do. I hope all is well with you and your people! Lots of love, Wiles

  8. Theresa Says:

    It is true that making new friends is one of the joys of blogging. I, too, have found a network of what I can only hope are friends that share a common affection for their pets.(and blogging about them!)

    • I love that kind of blogger (the pet-loving kind!). Oh, I jest. Seriously though, thank you for stopping by – I hope to see you (and maybe some of your friends) again soon!!

  9. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    I don’t get mesmerized easily, but there’s just something about fire.

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