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The Silence Hurricane June 11, 2013

It was like a hurricane came through the house this weekend. My mom and dad spent the better parts of Saturday and Sunday whipping around cleaning and moving furniture. I’d never seen anything like it in my treasured time in my forever home, and it frankly freaked me out. Cleaning is one thing, but this interior design coup threw me for a loop. My mind filled with questions, the least of which was what brought this on? Why now? Are we leaving? What on Earth is going on?

While I found myself feeling inexplicably ill-at-ease and fearful of the implications of the changes, I remained calm with the hope that peace would be restored. The images of undressed beds, empty bedrooms, and torn apart linen closets I was experiencing brought to life a part of the Simple Abundance journey that I haven’t yet shared.

The recent musings of Sarah Ban Breathnach have focused on bringing peace, order and contentment to the soul by taking action to bring these things to life in the home. Since I have very little control over these things, I haven’t paid much attention lately to the suggestions to make subtle changes to rooms to allow more light into the heart.

“Many of us today experience creative silence,” Breathnach writes. “Not the hush of the heart necessary to bring forth the unexpressed from Spirit, but the creative silence brought about by circumstances we feel are beyond our control.”

Suddenly it made sense. Watching my parents work together to make our house an even more comfortable home no longer brought so many questions to my little doggie mind. Instead, I sat back and enjoyed the hustle and bustle. I realized that it doesn’t matter where this bed is or how the linen closet is organized as long as I have my own little safe haven of peace and serenity to continue my daydreams. I think we all need a place like that regardless of where we ultimately lay our heads at night. A little nook to call our own. Mine is my little doggie bed in the kitchen. More often than not, I prefer to cuddle up to whoever might be on the couch (or bed) but its reassuring to know I always have my little doggie bed to call my own. What’s yours?

“(We all need) a psychic space that offers passionate reminders to attend to your private, artistic impulses, a place to encourage you to reclaim your creativity,” Breathnach writes.

I’m not sure what sparked the hurricane of furniture in the Schmidt house this weekend, but I’m grateful it happened. What a pleasant reminder to silence the question-filled world around us so we can hear the faintly whispering tones of innate creativity coming to life.




10 Responses to “The Silence Hurricane”

  1. Basil Says:

    You are so wise! Typists dog does not like change and if things are moved in his house gets a little concerned for a while!

  2. I have witnessed these times when Mom turns into Helga The Psychotic Housekeeper. I keep a low profile and trust that things will get back to normal soon. They do and the normal is sleeker and cozier.

    Love and licks,

    • Dear Cupcake,
      Your imagery of your Mom turning into Helga the Psychotic Housekeeper made my heart smile. You’re so funny. And you’re smart to keep a low profile and know things will soon be back to normal (and even better than before). All my best to you and your Mom!

  3. It’s important to have your own place, a castle or a cave only for you. My secret place is the clothes closet, I use it when we have a firework or a thunderstorm – and when I’m sulky :o)

    • I don’t like thunderstorms much either, but I’m glad you have a secret place to make them feel less scary. And for sulking, which is a necessary trick of the doggie trade. 😉

  4. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    Little did you know, I knew what the silence was about. 🙂

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