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Patience Is Virtue August 8, 2013

If there’s something us canines generally struggle with, it’s this people concept that patience is virtue. We’re not good at waiting. Stay is my least favorite trick. And don’t get me started on when dad challenges me to sit still until he says I can take my delicious rawhide. Patience is not my strong suit. But last night I got a glimpse at this virtue patience can bring. This sense of hope. Happiness. Light at the end of the tunnel.

I have been kind of a mess thinking about the story of Cabela, the dog who was blown up by a man in Washington a few days ago. I felt terrible when I finished blogging about it last night. I hate not being able to find a silver lining in any story. And it seems my negative feelings were contagious, based on the feedback I’ve gotten about the devastation, terror and grief this horrific story has sparked in people. Good News, All!

So you can imagine my relief when it happened, a mere fifteen minutes or so after I put my thoughts on this awful story out there for the world to read. I wanted to get involved somehow, to let someone know what happened is in no way acceptable. I wanted to do something. No, I had to do something.

On a whim, I sent a message to Cabela’s former owner Ty Freemantle all the way in Washington. I told him how sorry I was to hear the story, how scared I was that things like this are actually happening, and how helpless I felt to do anything about it. You see, there’s this thing about patience. It pays off. Granted, it didn’t take long so the employment of the waiting game wasn’t nearly as exhausting as it could have been.

Because I found my silver lining. Freemantle responded to my message almost instantly, sincerely thanking me for taking an interest in his story. Our conversation was brief, but the virtue was clear. The story broke a mere few days ago, and already Freemantle has been showered with thoughtfulness and prayers from people (and dogs in my case) all over the world. It’s no surprise to me that the animal lovers out there have united, as this is what we do. What did surprise me was what Freemantle said next.

He has decided to use his grief as fuel for positive change, which sounds an awful lot like a silver lining if you ask me.

“It scares me that maybe if I didn’t stand up he would have gotten away with it, and that someone else could do the same thing and walk free,” he said. “This set a fire inside me and I’m starting a organization to work on changing the animal cruelty law from such narrow specifications on what is and is not qualified.”

The ultimate goal would be to ensure that any act of aggression to an animal shall be punished by animal cruelty charges. As a survivor of animal abuse, I told him I am obviously a wholehearted supporter of his cause. I pledged to do anything I can to help. Because I know it’s not going to be easy. It’s not going to happen overnight. And us canines are no good at being patient. But now that I know the good that waits at the end of the patience path, I’d say it’s worth the wait.


21 Responses to “Patience Is Virtue”

  1. PigLove Says:

    Pigs aren’t good with waiting either 🙂 I applaud your story and the cause. I will definitely pledge my support! XOXO – Bacon

    • Thanks Bacon. It’s definitely not something to be taken lightly and I know little ole me probably won’t be too much help…but it certainly is a cause worth fighting for. Thank you for your support!

  2. Kuruk Says:

    Four paws up Wiley! I just launched my book so I can help rescue animals and animal rights tooowooowoooooo! Ku

  3. Patience is difficult… so lots of encouragement is always good 🙂

  4. seeker Says:

    Try thinking like a cat, it sure takes a lot of patience to be human being with them. 😛 Good luck, Wiles, they need you out there. 😛

  5. Ruby Says:

    I hadn’t heard of this until your post. So tragic and it makes me so mad! It’s wonderful that the previous owner is going to start an organization; there can never be too many people standing up for animals and their rights.

    • I know what you mean about being mad. Livid is the word I would use to describe my mom when she heard. And terrified to think this is actually happening out there in the world. You’re absolutely right though – we can never have too many people (and dogs) standing up for what’s right!

  6. alfiethepap Says:

    I hadn’t heared it either. How cruel! It is hard being patient but if we think about all the good things and treast in the end, we can do it!

    • Hey there! So sorry to be the bearer of such a terrible story. I couldn’t keep quiet about it, especially before they added animal cruelty charges. I cannot believe they hesitated with that! But you’re right about treats at the end – it’s worth it if something comes from it. Lots of love to you!

  7. Something bad can sometimes trigger something good. The bad is still just as bad, but like you said,W., there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Love and licks,

    • You’re right about the bad still being bad, but thank goodness for some light at the end of this tunnel. I was completely terrified to hear of the story and am feeling absolutely relieved that perhaps dear Cabela’s loss will spark something positive.

  8. finnhoward Says:

    We are glad to hear he is starting an organization like that. I am glad something good came out it. What a sad story, we hadn’t heard.

  9. Way to go Wiley! Like they say about one little stone — those ripples travel far and wide.

  10. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    To those of you who have patience, you are a hero of mine.

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