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Rear View Mirror November 15, 2013

It has many faces and wears many hats. But the faces scare me and (let’s be honest) hats are not a dog’s best friend. Evil. It’s become such a foreign concept to me in my forever home, that it’s commonplace for me to forget it exists altogether.

Then I see something like I did on the side of the road on the way to the dog park, and it all comes rushing back. I know mom saw it too, and neither of us knew what to do. It was startling. So we drove on, and I wondered whether that was really the right thing to do. A man and a woman were arguing by a car when it happened. The man took the woman by the neck and (rather violently) threw her toward the nearby ditch. I was relieved to see them both get in the car and drive away from the safety of the rear view mirror.

Rear View MirrorWe made it to the park a few minutes later and I found myself lost in my thoughts as mom and I walked together on the trail. I realized that’s kind of the embodiment of evil in my life. The rear view mirror. It’s in my past, behind me and forgotten. And for that I am so grateful. But it’s not that way for everyone. Seeing what happened to that poor woman on the side of the road today was proof enough of that.

Maybe I’ve been going about this concept of evil all wrong. Just because something is in the mirror doesn’t mean it’s not really there. It’s there, alive and real, and ready to take the wheel if we let it. It does no good to pretend it isn’t.

Evil. My journey through life has led me to believe it has many faces and wears many hats. It’s that man on the side of the road. It’s in the eyes of Demon Dog in my backyard. It was in the hands of the man with the leather belt. It’s in the worry currently consuming my people. The faces of evil scare me and (let’s be honest) hats are not a dog’s best friend. But that’s no reason to ignore it altogether.

“Wisdom we know is the knowledge of good and evil,” suggested American writer John Cheever, “not the strength to chose between the two.” It’s an easy choice to me. What’s more challenging is looking in that rear view mirror, acknowledging the evil that exists, and moving on. Make them wonder why you’re smiling. Because good ultimately wins that battle every time.


27 Responses to “Rear View Mirror”

  1. Bongo Says:

    I kind of like wearing hats sometimes – but I certainly wouldn’t want to be around a bad guy hat. Good essay.

  2. kiwiskan Says:

    Take heart – ‘greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world’

  3. utesmile Says:

    And this is why we need to spread love all around us so it can conquer the evil. Spread love and kindness where ever you go and can, even small individuals as us two can do little by little to show that love is the way!

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  5. Once you make up your mind that good always wins out, it’s a little easier to leave the evil in the rear view mirror. It’s always there, but you can move on from it. You see things so clearly, Wiles….

    Love and licks,

    • Dear Cupcake,
      Right again, friend. It all starts in the mind – something I think people sometimes forget. It is in that decision to believe in good in spite of evil – that is the key. You’re gifted at this too, I would say. 😉
      Lots of love to you and mom,

  6. That’s so sad that some things are burnt in our head and in our heart and every look in the rear view mirror opens the door that the evil things we locked there, get out. My mom said once rear view mirrors of a car are overrated you need them only to make sure that you really sit in the car. Sadly the driving instructor felt otherwise :o)

    • Your thoughts always make me think, dear brother. We all have those driving instructors in our lives, don’t we? Those people who remind us to stay on course, when perhaps that’s not ultimately in our best interest? You’re so smart. 😉

  7. what’s that well known saying – the devils greatest trick was to make people believe that he doesn’t exist?! I saw a guy hit a woman when I was out on Saturday night, I was very pleased to see the police turning up moments later and putting him into the back of a police car!!

    • You’re right about that tricky devil. He has no place in my heart. I’m glad to hear the police showed up to take care of that awful situation you saw….as it should be!
      Lots of love,

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  9. […] Rear View Mirror | Wiley’s Wisdom […]

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    “Wisdom we know is the knowledge of good and evil, not the strength to chose between the two.” – John Cheever

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