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A Dog’s Tail Never Lies December 19, 2013

I know they can’t always be avoided. But I sure wish there was a safe way around them. From freshly cleaned floors to ice patches on the road, I simply do not care for all things slippery.

This came to mind tonight as I found myself skating across the patio portion of my backyard paradise. I wanted to come inside quickly because I heard my treat jar open when bam! My paws slipped and slid underneath me. And, for that (albeit brief) moment, I was completely out of control. I lost my balance. That’s when I knew for sure this icy stuff is certainly not my friend. It’s slippery. I don’t care for slippery.

Don't Slip!The same can be said of people, I suppose. Us canines are known for our accurate judgment of the character of those around us. We are natural born observers, which I think aids us in our assessments over time. I’ve only made one grave mistake in not trusting my best doggie friend from the streets Tiger. I felt pretty silly about getting that first impression wrong when I learned the reason he was so protective of his food was because he was a single dad caring for his pups.

I learned my lesson and haven’t made the same mistake twice. I knew right away I could trust Jo, and that her caretaker (if you can call him that) otherwise known as the man with the leather belt was bad news. His face came to mind tonight as I was slipping all over the place. I don’t like slippery people any more than I like slippery surface. And he was such a bad person. He made me feel completely out of control. He took away my balance. But he could not take away who I am.

Because who I am is pretty great. I know that now. And you can believe me when I say so since a dog’s tail never lies. Above anything else we are honest. We are who we are. I know this with the same certainty I know there are unfortunately plenty of slippery people out there. And there isn’t always a way around them. But life has taught me sometimes the best defense against a slippery slope is a good offense. And when it comes to fighting evil, mine wins every time.


18 Responses to “A Dog’s Tail Never Lies”

  1. kiwiskan Says:

    and I always trust a dog to know who’s ok

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  3. huntmode Says:

    Kwiskan above is right! I’ve had a curious day and a half, Wyles. Got in a kerfufle, which left me feeling shamed…. The oddest experience because it didn’t make sense that I would feel shame…. Today, in thinking more about it, I traced it back to other times, other places that were just wrong and here was another. Later today, I saw a video on dogs who were “shamed” for having chewed this or that. While “amusing,” it rang in my heart how much I understood their reaction. You’re about the only dog I would tell this to, Wyles. Love HuntMode

    • Dear friend,
      I’m pretty protective of those I love, so it pains me to hear of you having anything but joy in your life. Shame of any kind is very difficult to work through. Trust, on the other hand, is the ultimate antidote. Thank you for trusting me with this slice of your life. I hope with all my doggie heart that today brought better things to you. I do love that word…kerfuffle? I might have to steal it for my own personal use. 😉
      Lots of love,

      • huntmode Says:

        It’s the perfect word for a bit of a scene, a small hullaballu over nothing, but at the time it seems kind of big. Strangest incident, though, Wyles. I’m still not sure what to make of it, but that was then and this is now. We’re moving forward. I like the idea of you being protective of me, Wyles – warms the cockles of my heart – that got dented by this kerfufle. 🙂 Love HuntMode

      • I know all about hullabaloo. I’m sorry to hear this happened to you, but again happy to hear things have improved since. And of course I’m protective of you, dear one. You’re one of my favorite people. 🙂
        Lots of love,

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  5. That’s true. Some people say wagging to the right means joy and to the left , something is wrong. I’m not sure if it is true, but I now you can trust a dog.always. and I can trust you :o)

    • I tend to agree with the latter portion of your thoughts, dear brother. I thing a wag is a wag that comes from the heart regardless of its meaning, and that is an honesty beyond all others. Keep on wagging!
      Lots of love,

  6. You are absolutely right Wiley.

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    …and for that (albeit brief) moment, I was completely out of control.

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