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Always Live Love July 31, 2014

Filed under: Man's Best Friend — Wiley Schmidt @ 9:15 pm

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. I wish I could speak dog, mom will say. That or she’ll ask me what I’m thinking about. To which I can do nothing but will her to read my mind. Such is the continental divide of communication in a dog’s life.

But today I heard a story that broke the barrier. Apparently my doggie cousin Joey knows a thing or two about getting a point across. His was an idea that was truly both mad and brilliant. (It is remarkable how often those two threads coincide). He tore up all of my aunt Morgan’s flip flops. Every single pair.

At face value it sounds like a very (very) bad thing. Especially for the women folk in my life who make a hobby of collecting shoes that I’ll never fully understand. It certainly isn’t something I would do (not after the pink heel incident of 2010). And he knows it is probably something he shouldn’t have done.

Carter and Joey

Carter and Joey

But I’m never one to stop there. At face value, yes, it sounds pretty naughty. Then I realized why he did it and the skies opened and the rays of heaven shined down on me. He did it so she can’t go to that place called work, a place she frequently goes for what feels like forever to him. Sure, she has to work to pay for the roof over his head, food in his bowl and all those toys and treats he likes. But to Joey, all the treats in the world are no substitute for his time with his beloved forever person.

It is quite the conundrum, this communication thing. That’s why I give Joey credit for finding a way to tell Morgan he doesn’t like her going to that place called work. Not only that, but the thought behind these things reminds me of the importance to enjoy every moment with loved ones because you never known when it could be your last. Always kiss goodnight. Always say “I love you” before hanging up the phone. Always live love. It’s the universal language, after all.


4 Responses to “Always Live Love”

  1. kiwiskan Says:

    you two friends are cute as…

  2. That was a smart idea to eat the flip flops that his human has to stay at home … You have a smart cousin, Wiley! I like the way Joey said : Stand by me :o)

  3. utesmile Says:

    Yes and I like the language of love… understood by everyone. Hugs ♥

  4. Lyn Says:

    They say, “love makes the world go round.” If that’s the case, I want to make my friends dizzy all the time 😉

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