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A Heart Full February 27, 2015

There are now two cribs in my forever home. Two closets filled with tiny clothes. Two car seats. Two changing tables. And if I’m being honest, it’s all a bit overwhelming. But if there is something I would prefer not to hear again any time soon, it’s a set of words I find condescending and unnecessary.

“You’re definitely going to have your hands full,” people have been saying to my forever parents. It’s been uttered by friends and family. It’s been referenced by doctors and nurses. It’s even been joked about by complete strangers at the grocery store. And while 18 months (to the day) is not a big gap between little people by any means, it is certainly not one to be condescending about either. Thinking in the Nursery

Because while this may not have been in my parent’s play book for the ideal sibling spacing situation, it wasn’t up to them. From my perspective, it may not have been their plan, but it was certainly God’s plan. And that’s what matters.

Now that I’ve experienced infancy through early toddlerhood, I feel like I can say with some sense of (albeit doggie) authority that I think any sort of spacing would come with its fair share of pros and cons. In our case, I’m happy my people won’t be pushing the reset button after Carter is grown enough that they have forgotten how to survive through sleepless nights. Diapers and bottles and all things baby are all still fresh on their minds.

I know it won’t be easy. I’m just mentally prepared for a couple of pretty challenging years.

But beyond any of that, I heard mom say something today that put things in perspective for me. She was on the phone for work and I’m not sure who she was talking to. I cringed when I heard whoever it was say “you’re going to have your hands full.” Mom didn’t bat an eyelash.

“That’s probably true, but at least I’ll have a heart full too.”

It’s true there are now some doubles of baby things in the house. Soon it will probably look even more like a day care than the organized oasis of peace I once knew. But I’m okay with that. Because I know what mom said is true. These things are signs of what is to come. Right along with the extra crib and diapers and sleepless nights will be more love than any of us knew we even had in our hearts. And that right there is more than worth the extra trouble.


3 Responses to “A Heart Full”

  1. utesmile Says:

    “A heart full” is wonderful, your mum is perfect with her wonderful heart! Well Wiley, people always want to give advise and it is not always the best. People don’t look a t the beautiful side either when they say that. As a mum of 2 I can say that first of all the second baby is always easier as mums know more about routines etc. Having a smaller gap between siblings is of advantage as they play better together. Mine are far apart more than 3 years ( Gods reasons too) and sometimes it showed when playing. But every mum has a heart full of love for all their children and can cope with anything they throw in your way. Love conquers all…. and I know there is so much in your house, your mum and dad and you will do wonderfully and enjoy every minute of the family life! High paw and hugs for all! xx

  2. Lyn Says:

    Twice the joy, twice the love, twice the fun. You’re so right, Wiles, when you say, it may not have been their plan, but it was certainly God’s plan. And that’s what matters. I remember my boss from when I just started work. He and his wife had one baby, a year later they had twins, a year after that they had triplets – all of them girls. They weren’t game to have any more. Your forever home has more than enough love for two little persons 😉

  3. Good perspective, Wiley. House full of baby stuff, hands full of baby care, heads full of baby issues, and hearts full of baby love!

    Love and licks,

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