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Being First Responders March 21, 2014

It happens every year. In fall, Wisconsinites dust of hats, mittens, scarves and winter coats when the temperature first falls below 50 degrees. Then, half a year later comes spring and you’d better believe all of those things have been discarded as soon as the temperature reaches a balmy 40 degrees.

I witnessed the insanity first paw today as I watched many of the usual suspects walking through the neighborhood. Dog jackets have long since been discarded, but now almost no people were in coats. In 40 degree weather. I was especially surprised to see this was the case among the fire fighters and emergency response teams who visited down the street today.

They were running into a house a few homes down when I thought of it. Penny. My beloved cat friend (contrary to popular belief it is possible for dogs and cats to get along) from down the road. Though I’m happy she’s likely been keeping toasty warm inside the home she shares with her person Rose, I’ve missed her bushy little face around my front door step all winter. I was just wondering when I might see her again when the first responders came.

That’s when it hit me. Hard. They were going to Penny’s house. Where her person Rose lives. I remember one of the last times I saw Penny before winter went into full swing she mentioned her dear person was having some health problems. My view was limited since it is several houses down the road, but tonight my heart is heavy for Rose and Penny.

So rather than drive myself crazy thinking of possible negative scenarios, I’ve decided instead to flip the coin. To focus on the positive.

It’s an important job those first responders do (even if they aren’t sensible with their outerwear at this time of year). They are there when someone needs them most. They take care of those in need. They save lives. And as I watched them do their magic today I realized how important it is that we all be first responders from time to time. On the Clock

Certainly the majority of us lack the formal training in CPR and medicine that an emergency medical technician has worked hard to obtain. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be there for someone when they need it most. That doesn’t mean we can’t take care of those in need. That doesn’t mean there aren’t lives out there for saving.

I don’t know what happened down the road today. But I do know this. Today I took an oath to become a first responder in the lives of those around me. Because there is something worth saving in every negative situation.


8 Responses to “Being First Responders”

  1. utesmile Says:

    You are so right Wiley. I do hope Penny and Rose are alright. I do love the picture with the card and I can say the same. You are my sunshine straight in the mornings when I read your posts. You always make me smile , you always make me feel good and I love your wonderful positivness. I am so thankful that I can call you my friend! I can feel the joy you are spreading!
    High Paw to you and much love!

    • Oh my goodness…your words made my mom tear today, dear friend. They seriously brought tears of joy to her heart. Thank you for sharing your feelings with us!!!
      High paw back to you!

  2. You’re very right Wiley! Did you know humans can even do a course for first aid on pets… My humans are first aides but I need to get them booked in for a pet course too!

  3. fredrieka Says:

    isn’t that the truth humans are weird

  4. I hope Penny and Rose are well. I agree with you, it’s a very important job, those first responders have. And it makes me angry when some people block their way and aren’t able to wait on the side. Sometimes a second can make the difference….

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